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✅ Format Kindle ₓ Who Was Alexander the Great?  ̮ Kindle By Kathryn Waterfield ᾮ ✅ Format Kindle ₓ Who Was Alexander the Great? ̮ Kindle By Kathryn Waterfield ᾮ Who Was Alexander the Great It is a special day for King Philips son His name is Alexander, and he is twelve He is old enough now to go to the horse market with his father and the other men At the market a man walks up to Philip He claims to have the best horse in the world, one fit for a king He is an amazing horse, sleek and strong He is black all over, except for a white mark on his forehead The mark is shaped like the head of an ox That is why the horses name is Bucephalas say Boo KEH fa las In Greek, Bucephalas means Ox head Bucephalas is a very difficult horse to ride Even King Philip cannot mount him So he refuses to buy the horse and turns to leave But young Alexander insists that he can ride the great horse He wants the horse for himself Philip and the others dont take Alexander seriously He is too young to ride such a dangerous horse Alexander, however, wont take no for an answer So the king lets him try Maybe that will teach his stubborn son a lesson Is Alexander going to make a fool of himself in front of his father No He has noticed something that his father has not The beautiful horse is afraid of his shadow So Alexander walks slowly up to Bucephalas Gently, he takes hold of the lead rope He turns the horse into the sun, stroking his neck and whispering to him Bucephalas cannot see his shadow now The horse calms down Alexander springs lightly onto its back and gallops off Everyone is amazed This is Alexanders first conquest Suddenly King Philip sees his son with new eyes He tells Alexander that he needs to find a much bigger kingdom to rule Macedon is too small for Alexander King Philip is right Riding Bucephalas, Alexander goes on to conquer the known world He leads thousands of soldiers thousands of miles across Asia He becomes the richest and most powerful king alive He builds many new cities throughout his empire He does all this in just thirteen years No wonder he becomes known as Alexander the Great Chapter 1 The Son of His Father Alexander was born in 356 BC in Macedon Macedon lay to the north of ancient Greece His father, King Philip II, had seven wives But Olympias was Philips favorite She gave birth to Alexander One day, Alexander would become the next king Even as a baby, Alexander was famous Amazing stories sprang up around his birth He was supposedly descended from the famous Greek heroes Achilles and Heracles People even said that the god Zeus was really his father, not King Philip Zeus was the most important of the gods Alexanders mother liked these stories and helped spread them around the kingdom Alexander grew up believing them, too He felt sure that he would do great things someday Ancient Macedon was a wealthy country In the plains, crops and fruit trees grew beside wide rivers The mountains were rich in gold and silver Their slopes were covered with trees for timber and grazing land for sheep and goats There were plenty of animals to hunt, too deer, hare, birds, wild boarsand even lions Macedonians loved to hunt in the mountains Hunting wild boars was extremely dangerous But a highborn Macedonian was not considered a true man until he had killed a wild boar by himself, with just a spear There were other dangers in the mountains besides wild animals Mountain tribes often raided Macedon They stole animals, crops, and property In 359 BC Alexanders father became king Philip was a great general as well as a great ruler He wanted his people to live in safety He made his army faster and stronger than any other Philips new army beat back the enemy tribes And he allowed Alexander, at age sixteen, to lead troops against mountain men called the Maedi At this young age, Alexander won his first victory He built a town in the land of the conquered tribe He named it Alexandropolis after himself In Greek, polis means town This was the first of many Alexander towns For the first time, Macedon was peaceful and safe But that wasnt enough for a king like Philip He wanted Macedon to be the greatest kingdom in the world He decided to conquer the Greeks, his neighbors to the south The people of Greece and Macedon were a lot alike They worshipped the same gods They spoke similar languages They even looked and dressed alike In a way, they were like cousins But the Greeks didnt usually have kings Most ancient Greek states had leaders chosen by the citizens The Greeks looked down on the Macedonians and other people who were ruled by kings They didnt believe that Philips army could beat their army of free men But in 338 BC Philip did just that The Greeks became his subjects What an exciting time for Alexander, the son of the king Alexander wanted to be a great king like Philipor even greater He respected his father very much But every time Philip captured a town or won a battle, Alexander complained He said that his father wasnt leaving anything for him to conquer How wrong he wasAlexander the Great conquers the New York Times best selling Who Was series When Alexander was a boy in ancient Macedon, he already had grand ambitions He complained that his father, the great king of Macedon, wasn t leaving anything for him to conquer This, of course, was not the case King Alexander went on to control most of the known world of the time His victories won him many supporters, but they also earned him enemies This easy to read biography offers a fascinating look at the life of Alexander and the world he lived in. 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