⤗ Free Read Format Kindle ᜴ Eat at Home Tonight: 101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, and More ⦖ Ebook By Tiffany King 䓾

⤗ Free Read Format Kindle  ᜴ Eat at Home Tonight: 101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot,  and More  ⦖ Ebook By Tiffany King 䓾 ⤗ Free Read Format Kindle ᜴ Eat at Home Tonight: 101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, and More ⦖ Ebook By Tiffany King 䓾 IntroductionI love dinnertime, but its not always easy to pull off Dinner comes with many challenges From trying to cook while holding a cranky baby, to figuring out how to prep a meal while simultaneously driving a pre teen across town to practice, this part of parenting stretches us and tempts us to throw in the towel on a homemade meal.Ive been gathering my family around the table since before our kids were born When Jim and I married thirty years ago, we had dinner together each night Meals were humble because we had no money and didnt know how to really cook But those dinners laid the foundation of our marriage and family.In the years since, Ive cooked with babies on my hip, toddlers underfoot, and preschoolers who wanted to help Ive cooked for picky kids, juggled conflicting schedules, struggled in years when we lacked money, and learned to cook quickly in the years when I lacked time.Most of those family dinners run together in my memory There are very few that I have specific memories of, but they all worked together to build a strong bond between the six of us Now that my kids are grown and nearly grown, we continue to see the benefits of all those dinners We still start the meals by holding hands and praying together We still gather around the table Sometimes there are only three of us there, but about once a week were able to get all eight of us togetherincluding the spouses of our two oldest kids The young married couples have continued the dinner tradition in their homes too, building that habit with each other.Despite the challenges, dinner offers benefits that no other hour can provide In fact, I dont think theres any other time during the day that we can hit all five love languages for our family members In his best selling book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman asserts that all of us have a primary love language, meaning we feel love best when its expressed in one of five ways quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, or gift giving Taking time together to sit and share with each other meets the love language of quality time Holding hands around the table while we pray provides physical touch Conversation during the meal about how our days have gone is a foundation for us to give words of affirmation to each other Cooking the meal, clearing the table after dinner, or offering to clean up are all acts of service While gift giving might be a stretch during a regular dinner, making a favorite meal for a family member is a gift to that person.Dinner together makes all of us feel love in the way we feel it best And isnt showing love for each other one of the best ways to grow a strong family Theres something special about knowing we each have a place at the table Dinner provides a visual security of who each person is in the family and how they fit.Dinner also gives us a built in opportunity to pray together as a family Theres something sacred about holding hands around the table and bowing heads together Even though some nights this is done quickly and maybe with little thought, its such a special time together Those few moments are a chance to practice gratefulness together as well as an opportunity to pray about things that weigh on our hearts.My hope for you is that you will build the dinner habit into your family life so that your connections with each other grow stronger I can almost hear you saying, But there are so many challenges that come with this Sometimes it seems our schedules and outside demands conspire against us Thats where this book comes in Each chapter is designed to solve a different challenge you might face on any given night From needing a one pot meal because you lack time for dishes, to being out of the house all day without time for cooking, to only having fifteen minutes to pull dinner together, youll find recipes that will fit your busy days.Make this book your own by writing notes in it as you try the recipes Jot down how your family liked each meal and any substitutions or changes that you made or would like to make the next time you cook the recipe Make notes on which meal worked well for after church on Sunday and those that you want to keep the ingredients on hand for quick meals when Plan A falls through If you live in a high altitude area, you may need to make adjustments to baking and pressure cooking times Be sure to make note of those too.Dinner together can be hard It involves teaching toddlers to sit at the table, convincing kids to try new foods, and much juggling of schedules to carve out time for a meal together But when we build the habit of gathering night after night together around the table, strong family bonds are forged Those benefits carry on to future generations in ways we may never know.I Only Have 15 Minutes TonightI started creating recipes that could be finished in fifteen minutes when my oldest kids were teens Suddenly life got very busy and I often found myself in the car taxiing to practice than in the kitchen making dinner All those hours of shuttling to and fro dont leave much time for dinner making or anything else.I found we were often ravenous when we finally got home and if I hadnt filled the slow cooker, it meant dinner would be a scramble It didnt take me long to put creative juices to work figuring out short cuts to quick meals.A quarter of an hour isnt much time, but I promise you that with a little strategy and some quick work, you can get dinner on the table for your family faster than the time it would take to run through a drive thru It will be a lot less expensive too Dont miss the section on cooking chicken for the freezer Having meat already cooked and in the freezer is key for 15 minute meals I have included some recipes for meals that dont require cooked chicken, but your options increase if youve got some stashed and waiting for you.I also recommend a sharp knife This is essential for any kitchen, but it becomes really important when youre working in a time crunch You need a tool that will work well for you, not one that will fight you with every cut.The next time you find yourself rushing into the house with no time for dinner making, try one of these recipes Theyll keep you and your family happy and keep you out of the fast food places too. How to Cook Chicken for the FreezerMy favorite quick cooking tip is to keep cooked chicken in the freezer This one step can mean the difference between a meal that takes forty five minutes or to one that you can have on the table in just fifteen minutes.If youre really pressed for time, you can freeze rotisserie chicken by pulling it from the bones and chopping or shredding it with two forks, but its very easy to cook and freeze your own Consider cooking a whole chicken and eating some for dinner, then freezing the rest.You can use the oven to cook the chicken, but I prefer to use the slow cooker, and recently the pressure cooker Here are simple instructions for each.Slow Cooker Chicken for the Freezer Use boneless or bone in chicken breasts or a whole chicken Season chicken with salt and pepper Add water if youd like to have chicken broth to freeze Cook on high 5 to 6 hours or low 7 to 8 hours.Pressure Cooker Chicken for the Freezer Use boneless or bone in chicken breasts or a whole chicken Season with salt and pepper Add at least 2 cups water Set cook time for 10 to 12 minutes for boneless, 15 minutes for bone in and 25 to 30 minutes for whole chicken.Freeze shredded or chopped chicken in plastic freezer bags in 1 to 3 cup quantities.Youve got excuses Tiffany has recipes Eat at Home Tonight shows busy readers how to get a hearty meal on the table even if youre starved for time or short on ingredients Youll never waste time in the drive through lane again Laura Vanderkam, author of Off the Clock Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done This beautiful book contains power far beyond any collection of recipes In Eat at Home Tonight, author Tiffany King communicates with the clarity of Oprah, the logic of Martha Stewart, and the joy of Julia Child For years society has lamented the American familys disconnect But now Tiffany King is bringing us all back together So come on Lets Eat at Home Tonight Andy Andrews, New York Times best selling author of The Travelers Gift and The Noticer Decades of studies have proven the most important part of raising children into successful adults is to consistently gather around a dinner table with the family At last, author Tiffany King proves that eating at home is not only doable but easy and fun Part recipe book, part fascinating ideas and conversation starters, Eat at Home Tonight will help you create family experiences that will be remembered forever Laurie Hise, blogger at Passionate Penny Pincher Tiffany won me over with her first chapter I Only Have 15 Minutes Tonight I mean really, isnt that often our dilemma in this tilt a whirl world I love somebody who gets my family spin And if expedience isnt enough, she spells out a map of food from Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Mexico, right back to Chicago and my familys homeland of Kentucky Then she tops it off with a twist of TennesseeElvis and all Love me some Blue Suede Shoes Patsy Clairmont, speaker, author, and foodie Finally a cookbook that lets me choose my meals based on my phase of life and the amount of time I have in each season My biggest struggle with meal planning and cooking is being able to pick my meals based on my time constraints Tiffanys recipes are all delicious and well received by my family I know that if I pick one of her recipes that matches my schedule for that week, everyone will be happy Lisa Woodruff, founder of Organize 365 As someone who has made dozens and dozens of Tiffanys recipes over the past two years, I was excited about this cookbook But it far exceeded my high expectations I mean, hello Where else have you seen a cookbook with recipes for when My Refrigerator Is Empty or I Only Have 15 Minutes to Cook or I Dont Have Time for Dishes Tonight or We Cant Sit Down for Dinner Tonight If you are looking for a cookbook that actually gets you and your needs, this is the one I know it is going to get a lot of use in our kitchen Crystal Paine, New York Times best selling author and founder of Money Saving Mom I knew from page 1 that Tiffany understands what my weeknight life is like, and her mealtime strategies prove it With recipes for nights when I have only fifteen minutes, or when everyones on a different schedule, or when I really dont have time or the inclination to do dishes, Tiffany equips cooks like me to get home cooked meals on the table, night after night Anne Bogel, creator of Modern Mrs Darcy and author of Id Rather Be Reading Eat Wild Eat Wild Getting Nutrition from Modern Food Drink Chic Adore Home magazine recently asked me to create a festive holiday project for their annual printed issue and so I designed these mini toucan printables They make cute place setting cards tropical themed summer luncheons, gift tags or even tree decorations the season ieatishootipost Singapore s Best Reviews Recipes Durian Files Learn about MSW, D, Golden Phoenix, D other durians Prawn all prawns in our local wet market Sushi Resource sushi fish Otoro, Chutoro, Akami, Aji, Shirodane Local Fish on found markets The Blood Type Diet Official Website dadamo Information, guidance support readers interested applying principles of The as outlined by New York Times best selling author Dr Peter Adamo StillTasty Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide Save Money StillTasty has comprehensive information how long you can keep thousands foods beverages Eat, Live, Run Celebrating life, one crumb at time Hey everyone Prepare yourselves long, photo heavy blog post So many have been asking what made advance after baby is born Meat Water Zen, Art Zero Carb Living What percentage your diet beef verses types meats % When eat beef, do cook it rare, medium, well done Very rare Calorie Counter A calorie counter way count daily caloric intake using easy use counting an manage weight If requirement that want meet, need monitor intake, jin loves eat There was much see learn during three activity filled days ate, learned, now time share few highlights event bitches gotta this year i am anticipating dinnertime 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