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⛅ Free Download The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever ⛎ ePUB By Jamie Wright ⛱ ⛅ Free Download The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever ⛎ ePUB By Jamie Wright ⛱ 1The Very Worst MissionaryThe year I turned thirty two, I took a deep breath and marched boldly into full time ministry as a missionary to Costa Rica I wasnt alone in this soul saving, world changing, God pleasing endeavor my husband, Steve, and our three sons thirteen, nine, and seven at the time were also in on this adventure People often assume that our kids must be oh so grateful to have been given the gift of worldly perspective during their early years, so allow me to dispel that fantasy Today, as young adults, our children all agree we pretty much ruined their lives by dragging them off to a faraway land, saddling them with a second language, and forcing upon them a great variety of new people, places, and cultures But, in their defense, our life overseas was kind of a shit show.Steve and I intentionally gave up every ounce of stability wed enjoyed in the United States, said good bye to our community, and took a massive financial hit to chase a dream of being a small part of something big We were acting on what wed been taught that the world needs missionaries to find the lost, feed the hungry, heal the sick, and free the enslaved And, for a minute, it honestly seemed that simple.Everyone kept saying how awesome everything about missions was and how amazing we were for our willingness to take our family and go, and I happily, willfully believed them Imagine my dismay when I finally came face to face with this thing called Christian missions and what I found was actually countless ways in which things were not awesome or amazing.Costa Rica was a tiny Catholic country practically overrun with North American Evangelicals, many of whom were arrogant, lazy, inconsiderate, manipulative, and self absorbed The work of missionaries was often subpar or nonexistent, wasteful, and, at times, even harmful to the local culture and economy But the pervading understanding was that every missionary, including me, was called by God, and that through our mere presence and our important work we were changing the world When Steve and I flew away to play house in another country, wed built a whole new life on this premise, which almost immediately I began to suspect was false, or at the very least deeply flawed.I wanted to talk about the questions and doubts I was having, but I didnt know how people would respond if I started to pick away at the accepted narrative that all missions are good missions and all missionaries are good missionaries There seemed to be a great deal of evidence to the contrary, but could I dare to tell a different story In the spirit of self preservation, I could sit here and say, The truth is, I saw a lot of unfit missionaries doing unnecessary stuff, which made me uncomfortable But the whole truth is that I wrestled with the broad practice of Christian missions, in part because I was a hot mess of a missionary, a perfect example of at least a dozen things that are wrong with the system And I knew that if I were to expose the ugly truths Id seen, I would have to acknowledge that Id seen a lot of them in me.I curled up in a ball and sucked my thumb, while Steve took to life in Costa Rica like a hot chick to Coachella.His daily grind as the director of buildings and operations for our organizations Latin American headquarters came with a never ending list of things to do Between new projects and old maintenance on the ministry campus, a steady flow of work allowed him to dive right into friendly relationships with landscapers, construction workers, contractors, and every single human being who worked at a hardware or building supply store within a twenty mile radius It wasnt long before everywhere we went someone came up to shake hands and say hello to the big, friendly gringo with the bad accent who worked up on the mountain.Unabashed, industrious, openhanded, and approachable in so many ways, Steve was a very good missionary.And I was just like him, but, like, the complete opposite.When I had to psych myself up just to put on pants and go out for laundry detergent, Steve was braving the packed corridors of the dingy government hospital in Alajuela, because he had learned he could donate blood to offset the cost of a transfusion for his building foremans wife While I was thinking of ways to avoid talking to taxi drivers than absolutely necessary, Steve was getting to know local shop owners and their employees by name While I stuck strictly to the routes, rituals, and cultural rules I knew and trusted, he made a point of exploring and experiencing everything he possibly could I was envious of how easily Steve transitioned into life in Costa Rica, and he was truly baffled that it wasnt as easy for me.Since I was practically a hermit without much on my plate and Steve was always busy with one thousand things, I quietly took over the unofficial role of communications director for our clan Id never written anything in my life, but from my favorite spot on the sofa, I could keep our family, friends, and supporters filled in on our wild and wacky day to day lives It was my responsibility to make sure updates included dramatic shots of three pasty white boys in a sea of brown people, and artsy pics of fresh produce, weird cuts of meat, and towers of pirated DVDs for sale under brightly colored tarps at the Saturday morning markets Snapshots of brilliant sunsets, torrential rainfalls, stray dogs with hilarious underbites, and oxcarts blocking traffic also served well to help me tell our story.Along with a few of those look at our crazy life pics, our first update went out with an image of my smiling husband, submerged waist deep in a swimming pool with his arm around the Costa Rican guy hed just helped baptize It was taken on our very first Sunday in the country at a baptism that just happened to be occurring in the private swimming pool where we stayed Our family stumbled across this celebration, completely by accident, on a morning walk across the property, and a Canadian missionary generously invited Steve to join right in with the dunking It seemed like the missionaryish thing to do, so he did.In the update, I shared how God was already using us in awesome and amazing ways The story was carefully worded so as not to mislead anyone into thinking wed done anything than just arrive at a baptism in progress, but I did choose that picture and tell that story because it felt appropriately interesting for wouldbe investors, and it was an optimistic way to show supporters that the Wright family was a wise choice for their missionary money We never saw the baptized guy again, but he sure gave us something to write home about, which is lucky, because writing home is key to a missionarys livelihood.Now we cringe so hard at that picture, having since developed ethical objections to the use of people as fodder for the Christian Missions Machine After seeing firsthand the troubling results of foreigners engaged in exactly that kind of driveby ministry, today Steve would not agree to join in, but the eagerness he showed that day, that willingness to jump right in, is exactly the kind of thing that made him a really good missionary.I did not cannonball into a strangers baptism Instead, as the familys communications director, I summarized our new life as missionaries and promised readers great adventures to come I must have been feeling very precious the day I tapped out my first blog post, because I wrapped it up with a single sentence that would come back to mock me.I am pleased to report that being a missionary is pretty darn cool.Sweet Jesus Was I high when I wrote that I dont know All I know is that eighteen months later, I couldnt have disagreed .The rose colored glasses I wore flouncing into the mission field quickly shattered and metaphorically speaking stabbed me in the eyeballs I was dying to tell the truth about messedup missions and messy me The question was, how could I break the bad news to all those people who still believed that everything missions was awesome and amazing Should I just admit that Id been totally wrong Being a missionary wasnt pretty darn cool it was super goddamn hard But was I allowed to say that Could I share what I had learned during my first year and a half in Costa Rica that, nope, its not enough to just show up ignorant and ill prepared and expect God to work miracles Could I say something about the alarming number of weirdos, jackasses, and dipshits out there who were also called missionaries I just wasnt sure what would happen if I publicly suggested that maybe God and the world deserved so much better.I gave all of this two whole minutes of serious consideration, and then I thought, Fuck it Who am I here to impress I began to write straight from my crooked little heart Fortunately, there was no shortage of material.I kept our blog creatively titled The Wright Family in Costa Rica up to date for months without a hitch, and for the most part people appreciated the new vibe of blunt honesty and the funny, straightforward approach Of course, not everyone agreed with my thoughts or liked my style or approved of the way that I freely used the entire spectrum of the English language The price of authenticity in missions became all too clear when, during the worst year of my life which I promise to tell you about later , I wrote this post This Really Happened Archive, 10.17.2009 The other day I was putzing around the house in my PJs, picking up breakfast dishes, sipping coffee, and doing whatever it is I do all day The boys were at school, Steve was at work, and the house was quiet and still Just the way I like it I took my Mac and my coffee to the couch, where I plopped my butt down to get some work done We all know that getting some work done is code for aimlessly scrolling Facebook, right So I was working and sipping and enjoying the quietness and stillness of a new day And then this happened.As it tends to do when you drink eleven cups of coffee before 9 00 a.m., nature called And called And called Until, at the last possible second, I set my computer aside and sprinted off to, yknow, take a pee Anyway I swooped into the bathroom, swiftly dropped my drawers, and took a seat, and when I glanced down, I was shocked to find a pair of black beady eyes looking up at me It was a gecko ON MY THIGH not three inches from my lady goodies Like, apparently this critter had just been chilling out all morning inside of my pants.This really happened I Had a lizard In my pants.Of course, I did what any good missionary would do I wildly smacked at my thigh while I screamed, calling on the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Shit Balls Help Me Christ, to smite that little bastard and damn it straight to hell And in case youre wondering, yes, this all happened midpee Im telling you, if youve never had a midpee emergency, you should count yourself lucky It took every ounce of control I could muster to remain seated, finish up in a calm and orderly fashion, and retreat quickly back to the living room Thats when I lost it, pacing back and forth like a stark raving madwoman, wheezing and muttering, I did not sign up for this I did not sign up for this I did NOT sign up for THIS.And then God and I had a little heart to heart.In my hysteria, I let God know quite clearly that I had had enough I did not sign up, I said, for lizards in my pants I didnt sign up for mushrooms growing on my Tshirts Im not down with having my butt grabbed by a dude on a bicycle I am not okay with an ant colony living in the sofa Nope, not okay And I especially did not sign up for having my house robbed, my car stolen, and my credit card used in Vegas But this, God THIS This is the last straw I cannot live like this With lizards in my pants.And then I started to ugly cry Like, really sob, with snot and tears and everything.God, are you even there All I really wanted was to serve you All I wanted was to honor you and obey your call All I wanted was for you to bless us for being here You were supposed to bless us, I bawled And then I lay down on the floor and cried out a years worth of anger and frustration The hysteria drained out of me, and eventually the tears and snot dried up You can just imagine the vision of beauty I was by the time it was all over and my house was still and quiet again Just me and the gecko and God.I guess Im not one of those people who learn about God in tidy, conventional ways, like going to church or reading a book I learn about God when a creepy crawly with suction cup toes makes it almost all the way from my ankle to the land of milk and honey And so it took a pervy gecko to help me redefine the way I think of Gods blessing.Listen, Im not an audible voice of God kinda girl Though I believe it can happen, it never happens to me But on that morning, while I was wailing like a lunatic, ticking off my laundry list of hardships to the God whod let me down, I want to say there was the faintest whisper like a breeze, like a breath of air, a response to each of my grievances I was with you I was with you I was with you.I am with you.And I was reminded of the real blessing of God that He is with me He has always been with me He was with me before I even knew Him.His presence is His blessing Emanuel God is with us.About five seconds after I posted that story, one of our supporters called to report me to our sending agency and to tell them she would be withdrawing her fifty dollar monthly donation I barely knew her, but she sent me a lengthy email detailing her great disappointment In her letter, this angry old lady shared that shed had growing concerns about my demeanor for some time, but the breaking point had been the post about the gecko in my pants In her email the mother of all church ladies said I was the worst kind of missionary, accusing me of tarnishing the reputation of decent missionaries everywhere, and making good Christians look bad with my filthy mouth and irreverent attitude She was appalled and dismayed and she would not support such blasphemy.Jamie is the only Christian writer I know who doesnt filter her thoughts and words through an appropriateness meter, so her memoir is original, hilarious, and believable Jamie shows that a woman can be full of contradictions, full of fire, and full of faithall at same time If you find yourself losing your religion, read this brilliant book before you bail Its possible to be thinking, honest, inclusive, relevant, compelling, compassionate and ChristianJamies proof Glennon Doyle, author of the 1 NYT Bestseller Love Warrior founder of Together Rising This book doesnt suckat all In fact, its one of the smartest, funniest, and truest books on faith Ive ever read The Very Worst Missionary will draw you in and keep you thinking It will remind you that, even when you think youre at your worst, youre not alone Rachel Held Evans, New York Times bestselling author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood and Searching forSunday This book might make you clutch your pearls, or laugh out loud, or angry It might break your heart Maybe all of the above But at least you won t remain unmoved by Jamie s profound, wise and funny as hell story Jamie s love for the church is ferocious and refining, and we desperately need to read and heed this book Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts Making Peace with an Evolving Faith Wright, founder of the Jamie the Very Worst Missionary blog, exposes her disenchantment with missionary work in this irreverent, fast paced memoir Publishers Weekly Think of The Very Worst Missionary as the literary lovechild of Mother Theresa and Sarah Silvermana crass and light filled narrative that will have you laughing one minute and looking in the mirror the next We need this book in the very worst way Matthew Paul Turner, author of Churched and When God Made You If youve lived and worked abroad, I predict you will nod your head in recognition as Jamie takes on the sacred cows of Christian missions with honesty, humor, and not a religious platitude in sight Her transparency and courage is exactly what we need Tara Livesay, director of Heartline Ministries, Haiti Jamie had me howling with laughter and cringing with recognition at her earnest and yet misguided endeavor to save the world Equal parts memoir and scathing but self deprecating critique, Very Worst Missionary shows how even our best intentions can go awry, and how we can find our way again Kristen Howerton, author of Rage Against the Minivan Jamie Wright will have you doubled over in laughter one minute, wiping tears the next Rip roaringly funny, brutally honest, and so very endearingan absolute joy to read from first page to last Nish Weiseth, author of Speak How Your Story Can Change the World Weve traveled with Jamie into red light districts in Asia, where weve seen how shes been able to use her voice to advocate for the most vulnerable In The Very Worst Missionary, she hosts a conversation that globally minded people of faith absolutely need Matt and Laura Parker, founders of The Exodus Road Gritty, funny, and thoughtfulall the things faith should be but rarely is I love Jamie s story, her voice, and the way she looks at the world After you read this, I m confident you will, too Jeff Goins, author of The Art of Work Jamie writes with eloquence, humility, and snark no doubt a spiritual gifting Everyone should read this brave book Emily Worrall, co creator of Barbie Savior Never before have I seen a fellow Christian write with such courage, authenticity, and balance You will come away feeling that your hurts and frustrations have been validated, and motivated to love bigger Benjamin L Corey, author of Unafraid Moving Beyond Fear Based Faith Jamie brings the wit of Joan Rivers, the pen of Mary Carr, and the spirit of a prophet This is one of those rare religious books that makes you feel okay with who you are, while inspiring you to want to be better Caleb Wilde, author of Confessions of a Funeral Director Jamie gives us permission to admit just how screwed up we really are, and accept how much God loves us anyway One of the best, most refreshing books Ive read in a very long time I cannot recommend it highly enough Zack Hunt, writer, blogger, preacher Jamie Wright The Very Worst Missionary Jamie shows that a woman can be full of contradictions, fire, and faith all at same time If you find yourself losing your religion, read this brilliant book before bail At the very worst Idioms by Free Dictionary At or worst, least favorable, desirable outcome possible Often indicates belief insinuation such an will not disastrous matchup we could locate, discounting some early meetings different era, took place That when Michigan traveled to Ohio lose Missionary A Memoir Whatever is disarming, ultimately inspiring spiritual memoir for 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