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ृ Format Kindle Download @The Templar Legacy: A Novel ॢ Kindle Ebook By Steve Berry ঘ ृ Format Kindle Download @The Templar Legacy: A Novel ॢ Kindle Ebook By Steve Berry ঘ ONE Copenhagen, Denmark Thursday, June 22, The Present 2 50 pm Cotton Malone spotted the knife at the same time he saw Stephanie Nelle He was sitting at a table outside the Caf Nikolaj, comfortable in a white lattice chair The sunny afternoon was pleasant and Hjbro Plads, the popular Danish square that spanned out before him, bristled with people The caf was doing its usual brisk businessthe mood feverishand for the past half hour hed been waiting for Stephanie She was a petite woman, in her sixties, though she never confirmed her age and the Justice Department personnel records that Malone once saw contained only a winking n a in the space reserved for date of birth Her dark hair was streaked with waves of silver, and her brown eyes offered both the compassionate look of a liberal and the fiery glint of a prosecutor Two presidents had tried to make her attorney general, but shed turned both offers down One attorney general had lobbied hard to fire herespecially after she was enlisted by the FBI to investigate himbut the White House nixed the idea since, among other things, Stephanie Nelle was scrupulously honest In contrast, the man with the knife was short and stout, with narrow features and brush cut hair Something haunted loomed on his East European facea forlornness that worried Malone than the glistening bladeand he was dressed casually in denim pants and a blood red jacket Malone rose from his seat but kept his eyes trained on Stephanie He thought of shouting a warning, but she was too far away and there was too much noise between them His view of her was mo mentarily blocked by one of the modernistic sculptures that dotted Hjbro Pladsthis one of an obscenely obese woman, lying naked on her belly, her obtrusive buttocks rounded like windswept mountains When Stephanie appeared from the other side of the cast bronze, the man with the knife had moved closer and Malone watched as he severed a strap that draped her left shoulder, jerked a leather bag free, then shoved Stephanie to the flagstones A woman screamed and commotion erupted at the sight of a purse snatcher brandishing a knife Red Jacket rushed ahead, Stephanies bag in hand, and shouldered people out of his way A few pushed back The thief angled left, around another of the bronzed sculptures, and finally broke into a run His route seemed aimed at Kbmagergade, a pedestrian only lane that twisted north, out of Hjbro Plads, deeper into the citys shopping district Malone bounded from the table, determined to cut off the assailant before he could turn the corner, but a cluster of bicycles blocked his way He circled the cycles and sprinted forward, partially orbiting a fountain before tackling his prey They slammed into hard stone, Red Jacket taking most of the impact, and Malone immediately noticed that his opponent was muscular Red Jacket, undaunted by the attack, rolled once, then brought a knee into Malones stomach The breath left him in a rush and his guts churned Red Jacket sprang to his feet and raced up Kbmagergade Malone stood, but instantly crouched over and sucked a couple of shallow breaths Damn He was out of practice He caught hold of himself and resumed pursuit, his quarry now possessing a fifty foot head start Malone had not seen the knife during their struggle, but as he plowed up the street between shops he saw that the man still grasped the leather bag His chest burned, but he was closing the gap Red Jacket wrenched a flower cart away from a scraggly old man, one of many carts that lined both Hjbro Plads and Kbmagergade Malone hated the vendors, who enjoyed blocking his bookshop, especially on Saturdays Red Jacket flung the cart down the cobbles in Malones direction He could not let the cart run freetoo many people on the street, including childrenso he darted right, grasped hold, and twisted it to a stop He glanced back and saw Stephanie round the corner onto Kbmagergade, along with a policeman They were half a football field away, and he had no time to wait Malone dashed ahead, wondering where the man was heading Perhaps hed left a vehicle, or a driver was waiting where Kbmagergade emptied into another of Copenhagens busy squares, Hauser Plads He hoped not That place was a nightmare of congestion, beyond the web of people only lanes that formed the shoppers mecca known as Strget His thighs ached from the unexpected workout, the muscles barely recalling his days with the Navy and the Justice Department After a year of voluntary retirement, his exercise regimen would not impress his former employer Ahead loomed the Round Tower, nestled firmly against the Trinity Church like a thermos bound to a lunch pail The burly cylindrical structure rose nine stories Denmarks Christian IV had erected it in 1642, and the symbol of his reigna gilded 4 embraced by a c glistened on its somber brick edifice Five streets intersected where the Round Tower stood, and Red Jacket could choose any one of them for his escape Police cars appeared One screeched to a stop on the south side of the Round Tower Another came from farther down Kbmagergade, blocking any escape to the north Red Jacket was now contained in the plaza that encircled the Round Tower His quarry hesitated, seeming to appraise the situation, then scampered right and disappeared inside the Round Tower What was the fool doing There was no way out besides the ground floor portal But maybe Red Jacket didnt know that Malone ran to the entrance He knew the man in the ticket booth The Norwegian spent many hours in Malones bookshop, English literature his passion Arne, where did that man go he asked in Danish, catching his wind Ran right by without paying Anybody up there An older couple went up a little while ago No elevator or stairs led to the top Instead, a spiral causeway wound a path straight to the summit, originally installed so that bulky seventeenth century astronomical instruments could be wheeled up The story local tour guides liked to tell was of how Russias Peter the Great once rode up on horseback while his empress followed in a carriage Malone could hear footfalls echoing from the flooring above He shook his head at what he knew awaited him Tell the police were up there He started to run Halfway up the spiraling incline he passed a door leading into the Large Hall The glassed entrance was locked, the lights off Ornamented double windows lined the towers outer walls, but each was iron barred He listened again and could still hear running from above He continued ahead, his breathing growing thick and hampered He slowed his pace when he passed a medieval planet plotter affixed high on the wall He knew the exit onto the roof platform was just a few feet away, around the ramps final bend He heard no footsteps He crept forward and stepped through the archway An octago nal observatorynot from Christian IVs time, but a recent incarnationrose in the center, with a wide terrace encircling To his left a decorative iron fence surrounded the observatory, its only entrance chained shut On his right, intricate wrought iron latticework lined the towers outer edge Beyond the low railing loomed the citys red tiled rooftops and green spires He rounded the platform and found an elderly man lying prone Behind the body, Red Jacket stood with a knife to an older womans throat, his arm encasing her chest She seemed to want to scream, but fear quelled her voice Keep still, Malone said to her in Danish He studied Red Jacket The haunted look was still there in the dark, almost mournful eyes Beads of sweat glistened in the bright sun Everything signaled that Malone should not step any closer Footfalls from below signaled that the police would arrive in a few moments How about you cool down he asked, trying English He could see the man understood him, but the knife stayed in place Red Jackets gaze kept darting away, off to the sky then back He seemed unsure of himself and that concerned Malone even Desperate people always did desperate things Put the knife down The police are coming Theres no way out Red Jacket looked to the sky again, then refocused on Malone Indecision stared back at him What was this A purse snatcher who flees to the top of a hundred foot tower with nowhere to go Footfalls from below grew louder The police are here Red Jacket backed closer to the iron railing but kept his grip tight on the elderly woman Malone sensed the steeliness of an ultimatum forcing some choice, so he made clear again, Theres no way out Red Jacket tightened his grip on the womans chest, then he staggered back, now firmly against the waist high outer railing, nothing beyond him and his hostage but air The eyes lost their panic and a sudden calm swept over the man He shoved the old woman forward and Malone caught her before she lost her balance Red Jacket made the sign of the cross and, with Stephanies bag in hand, pivoted out over the railing, screamed one wordbeauseantthen slashed the knife across his throat as his body plunged to the street The woman howled as the police emerged from the portal Malone let her go and rushed to the rail Red Jacket lay sprawled on the cobbles one hundred feet below He turned and looked back to the sky, past the flagpole atop the observatory, the Danish Dannebroga white cross upon a red bannerlimp in the still air What had the man been looking at And why did he jump He gazed back down and saw Stephanie elbowing her way through the growing crowd Her leather bag lay a few feet from the dead man and he watched as she yanked it from the cobbles, then dissolved back into the spectators He followed her with his gaze as she plowed through the people and scuttled away, down one of the streets that led from the Round Tower, deeper into the busy Strget, never looking back He shook his head at her hasty retreat and muttered, What the hellPraise for Steve Berry The Amber Room Sexy, illuminating my kind of thriller.Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code Magnificently engrossing, with wonderful characters and a plot that speeds, twists, and turns Pure intrigue, pure fun.Clive Cussler, author of Sacred Stone The Romanov Prophecy Perfect for thriller fans and history buffs alike Fabulous plot twists.David Morrell, author of The Protector Compelling adventure filled a fast moving, globe hopping tale of long lost treasure and shadowy bad guys San Francisco Chronicle The Third Secret Controversial, shocking, explosive rich in a wealth of Vatican insider knowledge and two thousand years of Virgin Mary visitations The Third Secret will change our view of the relationship between religion and wisdom.Katherine Neville, author of The Eight The Secret Legacy of Jesus The Judaic Teachings That Passed from James the Just to Founding Fathers Jeffrey J Btz, D Tabor on FREE shipping qualifying offers Shows how true teachings were passed down through centuries and shaped vision Reveals for first time hidden link that connects Home Steve Berry Berry his wife, Elizabeth, have traveled world researching promoting s many books One comment they hear repeatedly concerns dwindling supply funds available preserve our human heritage Biography Berry, Author is New York Times internationally bestselling author Bishop Pawn, Lost Order, th Colony, Patriot Threat, Lincoln Myth, King Deception, Columbus Affair, Jefferson Key, Emperor Tomb, Paris Vendetta, Charlemagne Pursuit, Venetian Betrayal, Alexandria Link, Templar Legacy, Third Secret, Romanov Steve novelist Wikipedia September , an American former attorney currently living in St Augustine, Florida He a graduate Mercer University Walter F George School LawHe was trial lawyer years held elective office those home page homepage click pic view gallery Balkan Escape Short Story A Cassiopeia Vitt ever eBook exclusive short story finds adventurer strange forbidding land, search long lost treasure, very much harm way un avvocato e scrittore statunitenseLaureato alla Law esercita la professione di per venticinque anni, Wikipdia Biographie tudie le droit l Universit de MaconIl est ensuite avocat et plaide pendant une trentaine d annes avant occuper hautes fonctions dans magistrature pour ans Il membre fondateur International Thriller Writers, association plus auteurs romans policiers partout monde, dont il co prsident Atlanta, Georgia, amerikai r, professzor volt gyvd Knyvei trtnelmi esemnyekkel, titkokkal, sszeeskvsekkel foglalkoznak, tele kalanddal akcival een Amerikaans auteurZijn boeken kenmerken zich door mengeling van historische feiten en fictie Bibliografie NBA Players NBA Complete list active NBA including their bio, season career stats, recent video highlights The Templar Legacy: A Novel

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