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⌛ Format Kindle Download 梁 The Rainmaker  ᚒ Ebook Author John Grisham ᠄ ⌛ Format Kindle Download 梁 The Rainmaker ᚒ Ebook Author John Grisham ᠄ My decision to become a lawyer was irrevocably sealed when I realized my father hatedthe legal profession I was a young teenager, clumsy, embarrassed by my awkwardness,frustrated with life, horrified of puberty, about to be shipped off to a military school by my father for insubordination He was an ex Marine who believed boys should live bythe crack of the whip I d developed a quick tongue and an aversion to discipline, and hissolution was simply to send me away It was years before I forgave him He was also an industrial engineer who worked seventy hours a week for acompany that made, among many other items, ladders Because by their verynature ladders are dangerous devices, his company became a frequent target oflawsuits And because he handled design, my father was the favorite choice tospeak for the company in depositions and trials I can t say that I blame himfor hating lawyers, but I grew to admire them because they made his life somiserable He d spend eight hours haggling with them, then hit the martinis assoon as he walked in the door No hellos No hugs No dinner Just an hour orso of continuous bitching while he slugged down four martinis then passed outin his battered recliner One trial lasted three weeks, and when it ended witha large verdict against the company my mother called a doctor and they hid him ina hospital for a month The company later went broke, and of course all blame was directed at the lawyers Not once did I hear any talk that maybe a trace of mismanagement couldin any way have contributed to the bankruptcy Liquor became his life, and he became depressed He went years without a steady job, which really ticked me off because I was forced to wait tables and deliver pizza so I could claw my way through college I think I spoke to him twice during the four years of my undergraduate studies The day after I learned I had been accepted to law school, I proudly returned home with this great news Mother told me later he stayed in bed for a week Two weeks after my triumphant visit, he was changing a lightbulb in the utility room when I swear this is true a ladder collapsed and he fell on his head He lasted a year in a coma in a nursing home before someone mercifully pulled the plug Several days after the funeral, I suggested the possibility of a lawsuit, but Mother was just not up to it Also, I ve always suspected he was partially inebriated when he fell And he was earning nothing, so under our tort system his life had little economic value My mother received a grand total of fifty thousand dollars in life insurance, and remarried badly He s a simple sort, my stepfather, a retired postal clerk from Toledo, and they spend most of their time square dancing and traveling in a Winnebago I keep mydistance Mother didn t offer me a dime of the money, said it was all she hadto face the future with, and since I d proven rather adept at living onnothing, she felt I didn t need any of it I had a bright future earning money she did not, she reasoned I m certain Hank, the new husband, was filling herear full of financial advice Our paths will cross again one day, mine andHank s I will finish law school in May, a month from now, then I ll sit for thebar exam in July I will not graduate with honors, though I m somewhere in thetop half of my class The only smart thing I ve done in three years of lawschool was to schedule the required and difficult courses early, so I couldgoof off in this, my last semester My classes this spring are ajoke Sports Law, Art Law, Selected Readings from the Napoleonic Code and,my favorite, Legal Problems of the Elderly It is this last selection that has me sitting here in a rickety chairbehind a flimsy folding table in a hot, damp, metal building filled with an oddassortment of seniors, as they like to be called A hand painted sign above theonly visible door majestically labels the place as the Cypress Gardens SeniorCitizens Building, but other than its name the place has not the slightest hintof flowers or greenery The walls are drab and bare except for an ancient,fading photograph of Ronald Reagan in one corner between two sad littleflagstone, the Stars and Stripes, the other, the state flag of Tennessee The building is small, somber and cheerless, obviously built at the last minute with a few spare dollars of unexpected federal money I doodle on a legal pad, afraid tolook at the crowd inching forward in their folding chairs There must be fifty of them out there, an equal mixture of blacks and whites, average age of at least seventy five, some blind, a dozen or so in wheelchairs, many wearing hearing aids We were told they meet here each day at noon for a hot meal, a few songs, an occasional visit by a desperate political candidate After a couple of hours of socializing, they will leave for home and count the hours until they can return here Our professor said this was the highlight of their day We made the painful mistake of arriving in time for lunch They sat the four of us in one corner along with our leader, Professor Smoot, and examined us closely as we picked at neoprene chicken and icy peas My Jell O was yellow, and this was noticed by a bearded old goat with the name Bosco scrawled on his Hello My Name Is tag stuck above his dirty shirt pocket Bosco mumbled something about yellow Jell O, and I quickly offered it to him, along with my chicken, but Miss Birdie Birdsong corralled him and pushed him roughly back into his seat Miss Birdsong is about eighty but very spry for her age, and she acts as mother, dictator and bouncer of this organization She works the crowd like a veteran ward boss, hugging and patting, schmoozing with other little blue haired ladies, laughing in a shrill voice and all the while keeping awary eye on Bosco who undoubtedly is the bad boy of the bunch She lecturedhim for admiring my Jell O, but seconds later placed a full bowl of the yellow putty before his glowing eyes He ate it with his stubby fingers An hour passed Lunch proceeded as if these starving souls were feasting on seven courses with no hope of another meal Their wobbly forks and spoons moved back and forth, up and down, in and out, as if laden with precious metals Time was of absolutely no consequence They yelled at each other when words stirred them They dropped food on the floor until I couldn t bear to watch any I even ate my Jell O Bosco, still covetous, watched my every move Miss Birdie fluttered around the room, chirping about this and that Professor Smoot, an oafish egghead complete with crooked bow tie, bushy hair and red suspenders, sat with the stuffed satisfaction of a man who d just finished a fine meal, and lovingly admired the scene before us He s a kindly soul, in his early fifties, but with mannerisms much like Bosco and his friends, and for twenty years he s taught the kindly courses no one else wants to teach and few students want to take Children s Rights, Law of the Disabled, Seminar on Domestic Violence, Problems of the Mentally Ill and, of course, Geezer Law, as this one is called outside his presence He once scheduled acourse to be called Rights of the Unborn Fetus, but it attracted a storm ofcontroversy so Professor Smoot took a quick sabbatical He explained to us on the first day of class that the purpose of the course was to expose us to real people with real legal problems It s his opinion that all students enter law school with a certain amount of idealism and desire to serve the public, but after three years of brutal competition we care for nothing but the right job with the right firm where we can make partner in seven years and earn big bucks He s right about this The class is not a required one, and we started with eleven students After a month of Smoot s boring lectures and constant exhortations to forsakemoney and work for free, we d been whittled down to four It s a worthlesscourse, counts for only two hours, requires almost no work, and this is whatattracted me to it But, if there were than a month left, I seriouslydoubt I could tough it out At this point, I hate law school And I have graveconcerns about the practice of law This is my first confrontation with actual clients, and I m terrified.Though the prospects sitting out there are aged and infirm, they are staring atme as if I possess great wisdom I am, after all, almost a lawyer, and I wear adark suit, and I have this legal pad in front of me on which I m drawingsquares and circles, and my face is fixed in an intelligent frown, so I must becapable of helping them Seated next to me at our folding table is Booker Kane,a black guy who s my best friend in law school He s as scared as I am Beforeus on folded index cards are our written names in black felt BookerKane and Rudy Baylor That s me Next to Booker is the podium behind whichMiss Birdie is screeching, and on the other side is another table with matchingindex cards proclaiming the presence of F Franklin Donaldson the Fourth, a pompous asswho for three years now has been sticking initials and numerals before and after his name Next to him is a real bitch, N Elizabeth Erickson, quite a gal, who wears pinstripe suits, silk ties and an enormous chip on her shoulder Many of us suspect she also wears ajockstrap Smoot is standing against the wall behind us Miss Birdie is doing theGreat fun to readThe complex plotting is Grisham s major accomplishment Los Angeles TimesA taut and terrific page turner Entertainment Weekly From the Paperback edition. 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