↴ Beginning reader ⌙ The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby kindergarten ⇬ Ebook By Lauren Smith Brody ∐

↴ Beginning reader ⌙ The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby kindergarten ⇬ Ebook By Lauren Smith Brody ∐ ↴ Beginning reader ⌙ The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby kindergarten ⇬ Ebook By Lauren Smith Brody ∐ Introduction As soon as I heard my husbands shower running, I changed my mind Id been up since 4 30 a.m., hanging out on the couch, having a much calmer early labor than Id imagined My water hadnt broken, and the pain wasnt anything I couldnt handle Id felt just not right enough to get out of bed, proud of myself for resisting the urge to nudge my sleeping spouse awake Ben, who was finishing up his first year of medical residency at a big hospital nearby, worked hard We both did And I wasnt about to pull the rookie move of waking him up just to watch me have one manageable contraction every twenty minutes If these things even were contractions Surely Id have at least one round of false labor, I thought By the time Bens alarm went off at 6 15, I was pacing the floor, as much as one could pace in our little apartment Definitely shower and go to work, I told him breezily, as he gave me a hug and wrinkled his forehead, looking one part skeptical, two parts impressed Im fine Its going to be so many hours I figuredif this was even realId call him when things got interesting Id grab a cab, and hed leave his department and meet me a couple of floors down at Labor and Delivery Simple Low maintenance mother to be Thats me Plus, it was a Monday Id finished up my last day of work on Friday, spent the weekend getting organized like a maniac nesting right that must have been nesting , and wanted at least half a day to sit around and do nothing for the first time since college Maybe Id go to a movie or watch all the junk TV Id never had time for I didnt even know which channels were the junky ones My cervix had other plans Over the course of Bens four minute shower, I had two contractions And as I leaned over the desk chair in the living room swaying my hipsin a way Id never been comfortable doing on a dance floorI changed my mind We were having a baby Today Now On our way out the door, Ben grabbed the bag Id so lovingly packed a full two months earlier a blanket, a first little going home outfit, our good camera, nursing bras, maternity yoga pants We looked at each other, wide awake and thrilled Here we go Oh my God, wait I said as we buzzed for the elevator I forgot my folder Your folder he asked Why do you need a folder I ran back in toward the bedroom, stopping to have another contraction leaning over that same chairsway, sway, sway, done and grabbed a yellow folder that held everything I would not want to be doing during my time in the hospital insurance paperwork maternity leave disability information from my employer, a big media company and, yes, some actual work that I took with me from the office before tearfully hugging my boss at Glamour magazine goodbye on Friday Id do it in labor, I thought Ha There was a famous story inside my industry about a particularly She Ralike editor in chief whod faxed back edited copy to the office minutes before pushing out her fifth child My own bosss boss had taken a quick two week leave with her first child, and was photographed and interviewed by The New York Times dressed in Miu Miu, in her beautiful Soho loft just days after having her second baby This was what women did, I thought They balanced You know how the rest of this story goes I did not do any actual work at the hospital What I did do was have a pain freak out, then an immediate epidural Id arrived at four centimeters dilatedstill proud of that From the hospital bed, I did a little bit of texting, a lot of moaning, and made a couple of elated high on the epidural phone calls to friends and familynot the officeand then, finally, I gave birth Easily, thankfully, with my awesome husband cheering for me harder than hes ever even cheered for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers Our son was born And with eyes nearly swollen shut and a face full of baby acne, he was the most gorgeous thing Id ever seen That work folder It sat I brought the folder home from the hospital, and it sat some On a table right next to the bassinet, actually like I said, small apartment Eventually, it was covered up by piles of baby detritus gifts, half written thank you notes, an unused Boppy Still, it haunted me a bit every day I knew it was there, a little time bomb, just ticking off the minutes until my twelve week maternity leave would be over Worried about money, I filled out the disability paperwork, then shoved everything else right back under that pile Our baby, Will, was six pounds of wonderful, but over those three months, I had what is kindly referred to as a hard time He wouldnt nurse well or soothe easily He seemed so tiny that going home outfit Id packed for him was miles too big My body was torn up from top to bottom for weeks I worried and had crazy, frightening thoughts Young for parenthoodby NYC standards, anywayI had no close friends whod been through this yet It took all I had just to stroll the carriage one block to the drugstore for diapers A perfectly capable person, Id made it through college, moved to New York City, broken into publishing, and was on leave from an executive level position at one of the biggest magazines in the world In my real life, my work life, I led an award winning team of editors I negotiated with celebrities or, rather, with their people, which is harder I won awards and got promoted and edited stories urging the women of America to live full lives and demand what they deserved at work, and to do it all in fabulous shoes, damn it And now, suddenly, simply crossing the street with my newborn baby gave me heart palpitations After a few days, Ben went back to work, and his life resumed some semblance of normalcy, except for the crazy wife who now greeted him desperately at the door when he arrived home Used to be, I was the one who worked late I told everyone that Will was an easy baby, assuming the problem in this equation was me When he was fussy I relied, appreciatively, on the bible of baby soothing, Dr Harvey Karps The Happiest Baby on the Block Dr Karp advised swaddling, shushing, swinging, and a whole bunch of other S verbs meant to replicate the feeling of being in the womb The first three months of a fullterm babys life, he explained, were actually premature Because of the size of our brains and heads, human babies are born three months early and essentially have a fourth trimester outside of the womb By around week twelve, the good doctor reassured me, my baby would start to wake up to the world Hed laugh, hold his own head up, and look me in the eye and connect He would be slightly less fragile and fussy, and maybe even start to sleep six hours in a row and nap at the same times every day I just had to soldier on to week twelve Week twelve The irony slapped me hard That was exactly when Id be going back to work And thus, the idea for this book was born right alongside my son Sure enough, Dr Karp was right By about week eleven, the hormone clouds started to part over my head I had loved my child from the beginning, but now he was giving something back I experienced pure baby joy for the first time And also, suddenly, work dread Id never disliked work, always loved the ladder climb and even the late nights I adored the people I worked with mostly women, a handful of cool, creative men All so smart and funny Incandescent personalities These were people who preached the gospel of feminism and also gathered round the conference room TV together to watch the world debut of J Los twins But the thought of leaving my babywho now, newsflash, loved me backkilled me How could I trust this nanny Id just hired How could I possibly pump enough milk to feed my child How would I not make an idiot of myself on the job running on only four hours of sleep a night This going back to work thing was going to be hard Maybe even harder than what Id just gotten through And if Ia person with a stellar partner, a decent paying job, a fair boss, and a supportive work environmentfelt this ambivalent about looming working motherhood, surely millions of other women did, too What I needed was whats in this book What I really needed, lets be honest, was three months at home with my baby But that wasnt an option because as the primary breadwinner back then, I also needed an income, and a career that didnt move on without me So instead I needed camaraderie I needed new ideas and solutions I needed the actual words to have the conversations that were going to make this transitional period surmountable I needed to know that it really was just a transitional period, simply a Fifth Trimester As predicted, reentry was rough at first I hardly recognized myself I sat in the same office as before, with that same yellow folder of work poking out of the pocket of my breast pump bag on my commute, but I was a changed person with new priorities, and a new identity I saw myself differently now that I was a mother I could tell that my colleagues saw me differently, too Id never, ever, ever been the kind of worker to just get by, and now thats what I felt like on a good day At the office, I mostly kept it together But at home, I picked fights with my husband over little things that were really about one big thing He didnt feel as completely at the end of his rope as I did 24 7 I resented friends who made us all reservations for 9 00 p.m dinners On the phone, I worried my poor mother endlessly and only took her good advice after rejecting it, tearfully, first Thank God, it was all temporary Just like my baby, this working mom had been simply thrown in over her head about three months too early Maybe youve seen the pie charts friends post on Facebook about the United States maternity leave policies compared with the other nations in the world Its abysmal In Croatia, women get than thirteen months of paid leave In the U.K., its fifty weeks, also largely paid, that you split up with your spouse In France, workers are paid for at least sixteen weeks at 100 percent of their salaries Even Japana country that employs people with sticks to smush commuters onto the crowded subways so they get to work on timegrants mothers fourteen weeks at 60 percent pay Here in the United States, the Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to hold a job for you for twelve weeks if youve been there longer than a year, and work full time, and your company employs than fifty people unpaid Zero dollars The only countries with lousier stats than America are Papua New Guinea and Suriname Oman, which used to be on this naughty list, recently got with the program The reality is that stronger parental leave policies do not negatively impact the economy at all Of the seventeen countries in the world with the highest consistent economic performance, the United States is the only one that doesnt guarantee paid leave for new mothers And the United States and Switzerland are the only ones of the bunch that dont also have guaranteed paid paternity leave Why Why do American parents get so little when 182 other countries around the world prioritize paid leave Were a young country, and we were founded on the American Dream Work hard and move up fast so one generation laps the next Dont look back, dont press pause Its not that different from how I felt working in magazines in my twenties I worked insane hours, often until 2 00 a.m at one start up As a twenty two year old editorial assistant in 2001, my annual salary was 30,000, but I took home nearly double that thanks to overtime It was an investment in my future, I thought, and I got a lot of experience very quickly and moved up and out to bigger jobs at bigger magazines I didnt realize back then that things actually would get less flexible as I advanced in my career The problem with U.S maternity leave policies has become front page news and talk show fodder as the situation gets and obviously wrong More than half of mothers of infants under one year old are currently in the U.S workforce And as HBOs John Oliver so perfectly put it in his 2015 Mothers Day episode of Last Week Tonight, theres nothing we wouldnt do for moms, apart from this one major thing In late 2013, and again in 2015, the Family Act, a bill led by New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Connecticut congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, proposed twelve weeks off at two thirds pay, financed by a minuscule 0.2 percent salary contribution to Social Security by all workers to give you an idea, that would have been 60.00 of my editorial assistant base salary annually Sounds sensible, but it hasnt passed yet Representative Carolyn Maloney from New York has been proposing some form of a similar bill on the federal stage, regularly, doggedly, since 2000 And in the 2016 primaries, the issue burned bright Bernie Sanders cosponsored the Family Act, Hillary Clinton called for paid leave and affordable childcare as key components of her campaign, and Marco Rubio proposed tax credits for companies that offer paid leave The plans were debated, but the general consensus on both sides of the aisle was that something must be done or, at least, as Donald Trump put it, Certainly there are a lot of people discussing it But no dice, yet Meanwhile, that leaves the private companies out there to decide to do better than required for new moms perhaps you work at one of them like I did Even still, only 11 percent of American workers in the private sector are eligible for paid family leave A few companies, blessedly, bravely, are sticking their necks out extra far to redefine the norm by offering much The tech and big finance industries in particularbooming, competitive, healthy companies fighting to woo and keep the best and the brightest workershave made enormous strides recently And guess who runs those companies Parents Sons and daughters People who get the importance of supporting the next generation of workers and thinkersand the mothers who turned their bodies inside out to give them life When Richard Branson announced in June 2015 that Virgin Management, a division of his Virgin empire, would extend the new shared parental leave, nearly every news outlet showed pictures of him with his own three grandbabies, all born within the previous year As a father and now a grandfather, Branson blogged, I know how magical the first year of a childs life is, but also how much work it takes Hopefully soon that magic will be offered to the tens of thousands of Virgin employees who arent top executives, too In March 2015, Vodafone, a massive telecom conglomerate in thirty countries, changed its policy globally to grant a minimum of sixteen weeks paid maternity leave to women who would then return to thirty hour workweeks at 100 percent pay for the first six months theyre back This isnt just goodwill Vodafone commissioned a report from auditing firm KPMG that showed that the money saved by retaining talentby not losing good workers and having to search for and train new oneswould far outpace the cost of this new benefit Globally, the report claims, businesses could actually save 19 billion per year by offering sixteen weeks of paid leave And for those economists who argue that these kinds of accommodations ultimately harm womens earning power and senioritybecause businesses will be less likely to burden their budgets by hiring womenI offer up these two rebuttals 1 Paid paternity leave For every month of parental leave a father takes, a mothers future earnings increase by almost 7 percent And 2 the sunny state of California, which began offering paid family leave in 2004 By 2010, 91 percent of businesses said that paid leave had a positive effect on profitability or no effect at all And get this Between 2007 and 2015 the percentage of women in director and highest paid executive positions for companies based in California increased by 40 percent To be clear, the percentage of women in those highest level positions is still crap, at just over 12 percent just under the national average , but the graph is headed northward, and fast Its also worth noting here that longer maternity leave has been shown to increase job satisfaction.Brody gets the challenges of going back to work as a new mom She explains how to tackle it all PeopleStyleA book you MUST read if you are returning to work after the birth of a child I loved it and you will too Lois P Frankel, Ph.D., author of the New York Times bestselling Nice Girls Dont Get the Corner Office This practical and entertaining read covers everything The Seattle Times Brody is a passionate advocate She provides tangible tips and helpful advice from women who have been there and who than survived, they thrived CNN.com A no BS guide to help moms, particularly new moms, cope with all the demands of the real world like how the hell do you return to work, take care of another life, and somehow carve out time in the day for, you know, yourself Shape.comAn invaluable guide Brodys book shows that the absolute lack of public policy to support working families makes an already tough situation worse And while we need to work to change that, in the meantime, she makes clear youre not alone, youre not crazy, and shes got your back Brigid Schulte, author of the New York Times bestselling Overwhelmed How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time The women featured in Brodys book offer advice for coping emotionally that runs the gamut from learning how to not blame yourself for mistakes to not make any major career decisions in your first few months back to work The Atlanta Journal Constitution Fantastic Good Morning America Returning to work can be challenging, but Brody is a friendly and reassuring guide with a simple message You can do this It will get better Packed with helpful tips and inspiring stories, The Fifth Trimester is the manual new moms need for succeeding on the job and in life Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It Brody cover s the frustrating realities of working mom life in a chipper, big sisterly voice The Cut Brody writes nimbly and wisely about a subject she is well versed in the conflicts, struggles, and triumphs of returning to work after having a baby Working moms will find a wealth of ideas to help navigate the challenging transition period in this friendly and practical guide Publishers Weekly Like having a well trusted friend impart bits of wisdom before a meltdown occurs Kirkus Reviews The working mom bible The perfect gift and sanity saver GoodHousekeeping.com Told with insight and witty turn of phrase, this account also draws on Brodys personal experience of momming in the magazine world The Times of Israel Brody takes on the role of a wise mentor whos just a bit chic than most of us but who takes us under her wing nonetheless 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