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⁂ Free The Confessor online ⁗ E-Pub Author Daniel Silva ⁻ ⁂ Free The Confessor online ⁗ E-Pub Author Daniel Silva ⁻ MUNICH The apartment house at Adalbertstrasse 68 was one of the few in the fashionable district of Schwabing yet to be overrun by Munichs noisy and growing professional elite Wedged between two red brick buildings that exuded prewar charm, No 68 seemed rather like an ugly younger stepsister Her faade was a cracked beige stucco, her form squat and graceless As a result her suitors were a tenuous community of students, artists, anarchists, and unrepentant punk rockers, all presided over by an authoritarian caretaker named Frau Ratzinger, who, it was rud, had been living in the original apartment house at No 68 when it was leveled by an Allied bomb Neighborhood activists derided the building as an eyesore in need of gentrification Defenders said it exemplified the very sort of Bohemian arrogance that had once made Schwabing the Montmartre of Germany, the Schwabing of Hesse and Mann and Lenin And Adolf Hitler, the professor working in the second floor window might have been tempted to add, but few in the old neighborhood liked to be reminded of the fact that the young Austrian outcast had once found inspiration in these quiet tree lined streets too To his students and colleagues, he was Herr Doktorprofessor Stern To friends in the neighborhood he was just Benjamin to the occasional visitor from home, he was Binyamin In an anonymous stone and glass office complex in the north of Tel Aviv, where a file of his youthful exploits still resided despite his pleas to have it burned, he would always be known as Beni, youngest of Ari Shamrons wayward sons Officially, Benjamin Stern remained a member of the faculty at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, though for the past four years he had served as visiting professor of European studies at Munichs prestigious Ludwig Maximilian University It had become something of a permanent loan, which was fine with Professor Stern In an odd twist of historical fate, life was pleasant for a Jew these days in Germany than in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv The fact that his mother had survived the horrors of the Riga ghetto gave Professor Stern a certain dubious standing among the other tenants of No 68 He was a curiosity He was their conscience They railed at him about the plight of the Palestinians They gently asked him questions they dared not put to their parents and grandparents He was their guidance counselor and trusted sage They came to him for advice on their studies They poured out their heart to him when theyd been dumped by a lover They raided his fridge when they were hungry and pillaged his wallet when they were broke Most importantly, he served as tenant spokesman in all disputes involving the dreaded Frau Ratzinger Professor Stern was the only one in the building who did not fear her They seemed to have a special relationship A kinship Its Stockholm Syndrome, claimed Alex, a psychology student who lived on the top floor Prisoner and camp guard Master and servant But it was than that The professor and the old woman seemed to speak the same language The previous year, when his book on the Wannsee Conference had become an international bestseller, Professor Stern had flirted with the idea of moving to a stylish building, perhaps one with proper security and a view of the English Gardens A place where the other tenants didnt treat his flat as if it were an annex to their own This had incited panic among the others One evening they came to him en masse and petitioned him to stay Promises were made They would not steal his food, nor would they ask for loans when there was no hope of repayment They would be respectful of his need for quiet They would come to him for advice only when it was absolutely necessary The professor acquiesced, but within a month his flat was once again the de facto common room of Adalbertstrasse 68 Secretly, he was glad they were back The rebellious children of No 68 were the only family Benjamin Stern had left The clatter of a passing streetcar broke his concentration He looked up in time to see it disappear behind the canopy of a chestnut tree, then glanced at his watch Eleven thirty Hed been at it since five that morning He removed his glasses and spent a long moment rubbing his eyes What was it Orwell had said about writing a book A horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness Sometimes, Benjamin Stern felt as though this book might be fatal The red light on his telephone answering machine was blinking He made a habit of muting the ringers to avoid unwanted interruptions Hesitantly, like a bomb handler deciding which wire to cut, he reached out and pressed the button The little speaker emitted a blast of heavy metal music, followed by a warlike yelp I have some good news, Herr Doktorprofessor By the end of the day, there will be one less filthy Jew on the planet Wiedersehen, Herr Doktorprofessor Click Professor Stern erased the message He was used to them by now He received two a week these days sometimes , depending on whether he had made an appearance on television or taken part in some public debate He knew them by voice assigned each a trivial, unthreatening nickname to lessen their impact on his nerves This fellow called at least twice each month Professor Stern had dubbed him Wolfie Sometimes he told the police Most of the time he didnt bother There was nothing they could do anyway He locked his manuscript and notes in the floor safe tucked beneath his desk Then he pulled on a pair of shoes and a woolen jacket and collected the rubbish bag from the kitchen The old building had no elevator, which meant he had to walk down two flights of stairs to reach the ground floor As he entered the lobby, a chemical stench greeted him The building was home to a small but thriving kosmetik The professor detested the beauty shop When it was busy, the rancid smell of nail polish remover rose through the ventilation system and enveloped his flat It also made the building less secure than he would have preferred Because the kosmetik had no separate street entrance, the lobby was constantly cluttered with beautiful Schwabinians arriving for their pedicures, facials, and waxings He turned right, toward a doorway that gave onto the tiny courtyard, and hesitated in the threshold, checking to see if the cats were about Last night hed been awakened at midnight by a skirmish over some morsel of garbage There were no cats this morning, only a pair of bored beauticians in spotless white tunics smoking cigarettes against the wall He padded across the sooty bricks and tossed his bag into the bin Returning to the entrance hall, he found Frau Ratzinger punishing the linoleum floor with a worn straw broom Good morning, Herr Doktorprofessor, the old woman snapped then she added accusingly Going out for your morning coffee Professor Stern nodded and murmured, Ja, ja, Frau Ratzinger She glared at two messy stacks of fliers, one advertising a free concert in the park, the other a holistic massage clinic on the Schellingstrasse No matter how many times I ask them not to leave these things here, they do it anyway Its that drama student in 4B He lets anyone into the building The professor shrugged his shoulders, as if mystified by the lawless ways of the young, and smiled kindly at the old woman Frau Ratzinger picked up the fliers and marched them into the courtyard A moment later, he could hear her berating the beauticians for tossing their cigarette butts on the ground He stepped outside and paused to take stock of the weather Not too cold for early March, the sun peering through a gauzy layer of cloud He pushed his hands into his coat pockets and set out Entering the English Gardens, he followed a tree lined path along the banks of a rain swollen canal He liked the park It gave his mind a quiet place to rest after the mornings exertions on the computer More importantly, it gave him an opportunity to see if today they were following him He stopped walking and beat his coat pockets dramatically to indicate he had forgotten something Then he doubled back and retraced his steps, scanning faces, checking to see if they matched any of the ones stored in the database of his prodigious memory He paused on a humpbacked footbridge, as if admiring the rush of the water over a short fall A drug dealer with spiders tattooed on his face offered him heroin The professor mumbled something incoherent and walked quickly away Two minutes later he ducked into a public telephone and pretended to place a call while carefully surveying the surroundings He hung up the receiver Wiedersehen, Herr Doktorprofessor He turned onto the Ludwigstrasse and hurried across the university district, head down, hoping to avoid being spotted by any students or colleagues Earlier that week, he had received a rather nasty letter from Dr Helmut Berger, the pompous chairman of his department, wondering when the book might be finished and when he could be expected to resume his lecturing obligations Professor Stern did not like Helmut Berger, their well publicized feud was both personal and academic, and conveniently he had not found the time to respond The bustle of the Viktualienmarkt pushed thoughts of work from his mind He moved past mounds of brightly colored fruit and vegetables, past flower stalls and open air butchers He picked out a few things for his supper, then crossed the street to Caf Bar Eduscho for coffee and a Dinkelbrot Forty five minutes later, as he set out for Schwabing, he felt refreshed, his mind light, ready for one wrestling match with his book His illness, as Orwell would have called it As he arrived at the apartment house, a gust of wind chased him into the lobby and scattered a fresh stack of salmon colored fliers The professor twisted his head so he could read one A new curry takeaway had opened around the corner He liked a good curry He scooped up one of the fliers and stuffed it into his coat pocket The wind had carried a few of the leaflets toward the courtyard Frau Ratzinger would be furious As he trod softly up the stairs, she poked her head from her foxhole of a flat and spotted the mess Predictably appalled, she glared at him with inquisitors eyes Slipping the key into his door lock, he could hear the old woman cursing as she dealt with this latest outrage In the kitchen, he put away the food and brewed himself a cup of tea Then he walked down the hallway to his study A man was standing at his desk, casually leafing through a stack of research He wore a white tunic, like the ones worn by the beauticians at the kosmetik, and was very tall with athletic shoulders His hair was blond and streaked with gray Hearing the professor enter the room, the intruder looked up His eyes were gray too, cold as a glacier Open the safe, Herr Doktorprofessor The voice was calm, almost flirtatious The German was accented It wasnt Wolfie, Professor Stern was sure of that He had a flair for languages and an ear for local dialects The man in the tunic was Swiss, and his Schwyzerdtsch had the broad singsong accent of a man from the mountain valleys Who in the hell do you think you are Open the safe, the intruder repeated as the eyes returned to the papers on the desk Theres nothing in the safe of any value If its money youre Professor Stern wasnt permitted to finish the sentence In a swift motion, the intruder reached beneath the tunic, produced a silenced handgun The professor knew weapons as well as accents The gun was a Russian made Stechkin The bullet tore through the professors right kneecap He fell to the floor, hands clutching the wound, blood pumping between his fingers I suppose youll just have to give me the combination now, the Swiss said calmly The pain was like nothing Benjamin Stern had ever experienced He was panting, struggling to catch his breath, his mind a maelstrom The combination God, but he could barely remember his name Im waiting, Herr Doktorprofessor He forced himself to take a series of deep breaths This supplied his brain with enough oxygen to permit him to access the combination to the safe He recited the numbers, his jaw trembling with shock The intruder knelt in front of the safe and deftly worked the tumbler A moment later, the door swung open The intruder looked inside, then at the professor You have backup disks Where do you keep them I dont know what youre talking about As it stands right now, youll be able to walk with the use of a cane He raised the gun If I shoot you in the other knee, youll spend the rest of your life on crutches The professor was slipping from consciousness His jaw was trembling Dont shiver, damn you Dont give him the pleasure of seeing your fear In the refrigerator The refrigerator In casea burst of pain shot through himof a fire The intruder raised an eyebrow Clever boy Hed brought a bag along with him, a black nylon duffel, about three feet in length He reached inside and withdrew a cylindrical object a can of spray paint He removed the cap, and with a skilled hand he began to paint symbols on the wall of the study Symbols of violence Symbols of hate Ludicrously, the professor found himself wondering what Frau Ratzinger would say when she saw this In his delirium, he must have murmured something aloud, because the intruder paused for a moment to examine him with a vacant stare When he was finished with his graffiti, the intruder returned the spray can to his duffel, then stood over the professor The pain from the shattered bones was making Benjamin Stern hot with fever Blackness was closing in at the edges of his vision, so that the intruder seemed to be standing at the end of a tunnel The professor searched the ashen eyes for some sign of lunacy, but he found nothing at all but cool intelligence This man was no racist fanatic, he thought He was a professional The intruder stooped over him Would you like to make a last confession, Professor Stern What are you, he grimaced in pain, talking about Its very simple Do you wish to confess your sins Youre the murderer, Benjamin Stern said deliriously The assassin smiled The gun swung up again, and he fired two shots into the professors chest Benjamin Stern felt his body convulse but was spared further pain He remained conscious for a few seconds, long enough to see his killer kneel down at his side and to feel the cool touch of his thumb against his damp forehead He was mumbling something Latin Yes, the professor was certain of it Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis, in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti Amen The professor looked into his killers eyes But Im a Jew, he murmured It doesnt matter, the assassin said Then he placed the Stechkin against the side of Benjamin Sterns head and fired one last shot Praise for Daniel Silva and The ConfessorA shrewd, timely thriller that opens the heart of the Vatican Chicago TribuneDaniel Silva has now indisputably joined the ranks of Graham Greene and John Le Carr TheWashingtonianUtterly compellinguncommonly intelligent Booklist starred review Accomplishedelegantly writtena compelling piece of fiction, one that manages to be both superior entertainment and a hard look at serious issues The Washington PostProvocative historical revelations will keep readers enthralled Publishers Weekly Compulsive Confessions My latest book is The One Who Swam With Fishes A mesmerizing account of the well known story Matsyagandha and her transformation from fisherman s daughter to Satyavati, Santanu royal consort Mother Progenitor Kuru clanHindustan Times Edward Confessor Wikipedia Early years exile Edward was seventh son thelred Unready, first by his second wife, Emma NormandyEdward born between in Islip, Oxfordshire, recorded as a witness two charters He had one full brother, Alfred, sister, GodgifuIn he always listed behind older half brothers, showing that ranked St William Catholic Church, Greenville, Texas 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joined ranks Graham Greene John Le Carr Sapphire an octagonal, rose cut sapphire forms part British Crown Jewels Its history stretches further back time than any other gemstone collection stone thought have been coronation ring later Edward, ascended throne , twenty before Norman conquest Visit Us Westminster Abbey Explore place touched kings, queens, statesmen soldiers, poets, priests, heroes villains since AD Abbey resting great Britons We re open visitors days, but ENCYCLOPEDIA Index C NEW ADVENT list represents tiny fraction articles available on New Advent For complete list, please see index or use search box top this page Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nuez Born Jerez la Frontera Andalusia, Spain dates birth death uncertain Cabot, Sebastian Navigators explorers Anthony Harbor Faith Morals StAnthony, derived surname city Padua, Italy, spent many there preaching Gospel, native Lisbon, Portugal Guia para Confisso liturgia importante se preparar bem que confisso tenha o efeito desejado perdo 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