〘 [PDF]- Free Download & Online The Things We Do for Love: A Novel ⏂ ePUB Author Kristin Hannah ␗

〘 [PDF]- Free Download & Online The Things We Do for Love: A Novel ⏂ ePUB Author Kristin Hannah ␗ 〘 [PDF]- Free Download & Online The Things We Do for Love: A Novel ⏂ ePUB Author Kristin Hannah ␗ One The streets of West End were crowded on this unex pectedly sunny day All across town mothers stood in open doorways, with hands tented across their eyes, watching their children play Everyone knew that soonprobably tomorrowa soapy haze would creep across the sky, covering the blue, obliterating the delicate sun, and once the rain would fall.It was May, after all, in the Pacific Northwest Rain came to this month as surely as ghosts took to the streets on the thirty first of October and salmon came home from the sea.It sure is hot, Conlan said from the drivers seat of the sleek black BMW convertible It was the first thing hed said in almost an hour.He was trying to make conversation that was all Angie should return the volley, perhaps mention the beautiful haw thorn trees that were in bloom But even as she had the thought, she was exhausted by it In a few short months, those tiny green leaves would curl and blacken the color would be drawn out of them by cold nights, and they would fall to the ground, unno ticed.When you looked at it that way, what was the point in noticing so fleeting a moment She stared out the window at her hometown It was the first time shed been back in months Although West End was only one hundred twenty miles from Seattle, that distance had seemed to swell lately in her mind As much as she loved her family, shed found it difficult to leave her own house Out in the world, there were babies everywhere.They drove into the old part of town, where Victorian houses had been built one after another on tiny patches of lawn Huge, leafy maple trees shaded the street, cast an intricate lacework pattern of light on the asphalt In the seventies, this neighborhood had been the towns heart Kids had been everywhere back then, riding their Big Wheels and Schwinn bicycles from one house to the next There had been block parties every Sunday after church, and games of Red Rover played in every back yard.In the years between then and now, this part of the state had changed, and the old neighborhoods had fallen into silence and disrepair Salmon runs had diminished and the timber industry had been hit hard People who had once made their living from the land and the sea had been pushed aside, forgotten new residents built their houses in clusters, in subdivisions named after the very trees they cut down.But here, on this small patch of Maple Drive, time had stood still The last house on the block looked exactly as it had for forty years The white paint was pure and perfect the emerald green trim glistened No weed had ever been allowed to flourish in the lawn Angies father had tended to this house for four decades it had been his pride and joy Every Monday, after a weekend of hard work at the familys restaurant, hed devoted a full twelve hour day to home and garden maintenance Since his death, Angies mother had tried to follow that routine It had become her solace, her way of connecting with the man shed loved for almost fifty years, and when she tired of the hard work, someone was always ready to lend a hand Such help, Mama often reminded them, was the advantage to having three daughters Her payoff, she claimed, for surviving their teen years.Conlan pulled up to the curb and parked As the convertible top shushed mechanically into place, he turned to Angie Are you sure youre okay with this Im here, arent I She turned to look at him finally He was exhausted she saw the glint of it in his blue eyes but knew he wouldnt say , wouldnt say anything that might remind her of the baby theyd lost a few months ago.They sat there, side by side in silence The air conditioner made a soft whooshing noise.The old Conlan would have leaned over and kissed her now, would have told her he loved her, and those few and tender words would have saved her, but they were past such comfort these days The love theyd once shared felt far, far away, as faded and lost as her childhood.We could leave right now Say the car broke down, he said, trying to be the man he used to be, the man who could tease his wife into smiling.She didnt look at him Are you kidding They all think we paid too much for this car Besides, Mama already knows were here She might talk to dead people, but she has the hearing of a bat.Shes in the kitchen making ten thousand cannoli for twenty people And your sisters havent stopped talking since they walked in the door We could escape in the confusion He smiled For a moment everything felt normal between them, as if there were no ghosts in the car She wished it were an ease that could last.Livvy cooked three casseroles, she muttered Mira probably crocheted a new tablecloth and made us all matching aprons.Last week you had two pitch meetings and a commercial shoot Its hardly worth your time to cook.Poor Conlan Fourteen years of marriage and he still didnt understand the dynamics of the DeSaria family Cooking was than a job or a hobby it was a kind of currency, and Angie was broke Her papa, whom shed idolized, had loved that she couldnt cook He took it as a badge of success An immigrant whod come to this country with four dollars in his pocket and made a living feeding other immigrant families, hed been proud that his youngest daughter made money using her head, rather than her hands.Lets go, she said, not wanting to think about Papa.Angie got out of the car and went around to the trunk It opened silently, revealing a narrow cardboard box Inside was an extravagantly rich chocolate cake made by the Pacific Dessert Company and a to die for lemon tart She reached down for it, knowing some comment would be made about her inability to cook As the youngest daughterthe princessshed been allowed to color or talk on the phone or watch TV while her sisters worked in the kitchen None of her sisters ever let her forget that Papa had spoiled her mercilessly As adults, her sisters still worked in the family restaurant That was real work, they always said, unlike Angies career in advertising.Come on, Conlan said, taking her arm.They walked up the concrete walkway, past the fountain of the Virgin Mary, and up the steps A statue of Christ stood by the door, his hands outstretched in greeting Someone had hung an umbrella from his wrist.Conlan knocked perfunctorily and opened the door.The house rattled with noiseloud voices, kids running up and down the stairs, ice buckets being refilled, laughter Every piece of furniture in the foyer was buried beneath a layer of coats and shoes and empty food boxes.The family room was full of children playing games Candy Land for the younger kids crazy eights for the older Her eldest nephew, Jason, and her niece Sarah were playing Nintendo on the television At Angies entrance, the kids squealed and flocked to her, all talking at once, vying for her attention From their earliest memories, she was the aunt who would get down on the floor and play with whatever toy was in at the moment She never turned down their music or said that a movie was unsuitable When asked, they all said Aunt Angie was way cool.She heard Conlan behind her, talking to Miras husband, Vince A drink was being poured She eased through the crowd of kids and walked down the hallway toward the kitchen.In the doorway, she paused Mama stood at the oversized butcher block in the center of the room, rolling out the sweet dough Flour obscured half of her face and dusted her hair Her eyeglassesa holdover from the seventieshad lenses the size of saucers and magnified her brown eyes Tiny beads of sweat collected along her brow and slid down her floury cheeks, landing on her bosom in little blobs of dough In the five months since Papas passing, shed lost too much weight and stopped dyeing her hair It was snow white now.Mira stood at the stove, dropping gnocchi into a pot of boil ing water From behind, she looked like a girl Even after bearing four children, she was still tiny, almost birdlike, and since she often wore her teenage daughters clothes, she appeared ten years younger than her forty one years Tonight, her long black hair was held back in a braid that snaked almost to her waist She wore a pair of low rise, flare legged black pants and a cable knit red sweater She was talking nowthere was no surprise in that she was always talking Papa had always joked that his eldest daughter sounded like a blender on high speed.Livvy was standing off to the left, slicing fresh mozzarella She looked like a Bic pen in her black silk sheath The only thing higher than her heels was the puffiness of her teased hair Long ago, Livvy had left West End in a rush, certain that she could become a model Shed stayed in Los Angeles until the sentence Could you please undress now started to accompany every job interview Five years ago, just after her thirty fourth birthday, shed come home, bitter at her lack of success, defeated by the effort, dragging with her two young sons who had been fathered by a man none of the family had ever seen or met Shed gone to work at the family restaurant, but she didnt like it She saw herself as a big city girl trapped in a small town Now she was marriedagain it had been a quickie ceremony last week at the Chapel of Love in Las Vegas Everyone hoped that Salvatore Trainalucky choice number threewould finally make her happy.Angie smiled So much of her time had been spent in this kitchen with these three women no matter how old she got or what direction her life took, this would always be home In Mamas kitchen, you were safe and warm and well loved Though she and her sisters had chosen different lives and tended to meddle too often in one anothers choices, they were like strands of a single rope When they came together, they were unbreakable She needed to be a part of that again shed been grieving alone for too long.She stepped into the kitchen and put the box down on the table Hey, guys.Livvy and Mira surged forward, enfolded her in a hug that smelled of Italian spices and drugstore perfume They held her tightly Angie felt the wetness of tears on her neck, but nothing was said except Its good to have you home.Thanks She gave her sisters one last tight hug, then went to Mama, who opened her arms Angie stepped into the warmth of that embrace As always, Mama smelled of thyme, Tabu perfume, and Aqua Net hair spray The scents of Angies youth.Mama hugged her so tightly that Angie had to draw in a gulp of air Laughing, she tried to step back, but Mama held on.Angie stiffened instinctively The last time Mama had held Angie this tightly, Mama had whispered, Youll try again God will give you another baby.Angie pulled out of the embrace Dont, she said, trying to smile.That did itjust the quietly voiced plea Mama reached for the Parmesan grater and said, Dinners ready Mira, get the kids to the table.The dining room held fourteen people comfortably and fifteen tonight An ancient mahogany table, brought here from the old country, held center stage in a big, windowless room papered in rose and burgundy An ornate wooden crucifix hung on the wall beside a portrait of Jesus Adults and children were crammed around the table Dean Martin sang in the other room.Let us pray, Mama said as soon as everyone was seated When silence didnt fall instantly, she reached over and thwopped Uncle Francis on the head.Francis dropped his chin and closed his eyes Everyone followed suit and began the prayer Their voices joined as one Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord Amen.When the prayer ended, Mama stood up quickly, raised her wineglass We drink a toast now to Sal and Olivia Her voice vibrated her mouth trembled I do not know what to say Toasting is a mans job She abruptly sat down.Mira touched Mamas shoulder and stood up We welcome Sal to our family May you two find the kind of love that Mama and Papa had May you have full cupboards and warm bedrooms and She paused Her voice softened many healthy babies.Instead of laughter and clapping and clanking glasses, there was silence.Angie drew a sharp breath and looked up at her sisters.Im not pregnant, Livvy said quickly But were trying.Angie managed to smile, although it was wobbly and weak and fooled no one Everyone was looking at her, wondering how she would handle another baby in the family They all tried so hard not to bruise her.She raised her glass To Sal and Livvy She spoke quickly, hoping her tears would pass for joy May you have many healthy babies.Conversations started up again The table became a frenzy of clanging forks and knives scratching on porcelain and laughter Although this family gathered for every holiday and two Monday nights a month, they never ran out of things to say.Angie glanced around the table Mira was talking animatedly to Mama about a school fund raiser that needed to be catered Vince and Uncle Francis were arguing about last weeks Huskies Ducks game Sal and Livvy were kissing every now and then the younger kids were spitting peas at one another and the older ones were arguing about whether Xbox or PlayStation was better Conlan was asking Aunt Giulia about her upcoming hip replacement surgery.Angie couldnt concentrate on any of it She certainly couldnt make idle conversation Her sister wanted a baby, and so it would happen Livvy would probably get pregnant between Leno and the news Oops, I forgot my diaphragm That was how it happened for her sisters.After dinner, as Angie washed the dishes, no one spoke to her, but everyone who walked past the sink squeezed her shoulder or kissed her cheek Everyone knew there were no words to say Hopes and prayers had been offered so many times over the years, theyd lost their sheen Mama had kept a candle burning at St Cecilias for almost a decade now, and still it would be Angie and Conlan alone in the car tonight, a couple whod never multiplied into a family.Finally, she couldnt stand it any She tossed the dishrag on the table and went up to her old bedroom The pretty little room, still wallpapered in roses and white baskets, held twin beds ruffled in pink bedding She sat down on the end of her bed.Ironically, shed once knelt on this very floor and prayed not to be pregnant Shed been seventeen at the time, dating Tommy Matucci Her first love.The door opened and Conlan walked in Her big, black haired Irishman husband looked ridiculously out of place in her little girls room.Im fine, she said.Yeah, right.She heard the bitterness in his voice, felt stung by it There was nothing she could do, though He couldnt comfort her God knew that had been proven often enough.You need help He said it tiredly, and no wonder The words were old.Im fine.He stared at her for a long time The blue eyes that had once looked at her with adoration now held an almost unbearable defeat With a sigh, he turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.A few moments later it opened again Mama stood in the doorway, her fists planted on her narrow hips The shoulder pads on her Sunday dress were Blade Runner big and practically touched the door frame on either side You always did run to your room when you were sad Or angry.Angie scooted sideways to make room And you always came running up after me.Your father made me You never knew that, did you Mama sat down beside Angie The old mattress sagged beneath their weight He could not stand to see you cry Poor Livvy could shriek her lungs out and he never noticed But you you were his princess One tear could break his heart She sighed It was a heavy sound, full of disappointment and empathy Youre thirty eight years old, Angela, Mama said Its time to grow up Your papaGod rest his soulwould have agreed with me on this.I dont even know what that means.Mama slipped an arm around her, pulled her close God has given you an answer to your prayers, Angela It is not the answer you wanted, so you dont hear Its time to listen Angie woke with a start The coolness on her cheeks was from tears.Shed had the baby dream again the one in which she and Conlan stood on opposite shores Between them, on the shimmering expanse of blue sea, was a tiny pink swaddled bundle Inch by inch, it floated away and disappeared When it was gone, they were left alone, she and Conlan, standing too far apart.It was the same dream shed been having for years, as she and her husband trudged from doctors office to doctors office, trying one procedure after another Supposedly she was one of the lucky ones in eight years, shed conceived three children Two had ended in miscarriage oneher daughter, Sophiahad lived for only a few short days That had been the end of it Neither she nor Conlan had the heart to try again.She eased away from her husband, grabbed her pink chenille robe off the floor, and left the bedroom.The shadowy hallway waited for her To her right, dozens of family photographs, all framed in thick mahogany, covered the wall Portraits of five generations of DeSarias and Malones.She looked down the long hallway at the last, closed door The brass knob glinted in moonlight from the nearby window.When was the last time shed dared to enter that room God has given you an answer Its time to listen.She walked slowly past the stairs and the vacant guest room to the final door.There she drew in a deep breath and exhaled it Her hands were trembling as she opened the door and went inside The air felt heavy in here, old and musty.She turned on the light and closed the door behind her.The room was so perfect.She closed her eyes, as if darkness could help The sweet notes of Beauty and the Beast filled her mind, took her back to the first time shed closed the door on this room, so many years ago It was after theyd decided on adoption.We have a baby, Mrs Malone The mothera teenagerchose you and Conlan Come down to my office and meet her.It had taken Angie the full four hours until their appointment to choose the outfit and do her makeup When she and Conlan finally met Sarah Dekker in the lawyers office, the three of them had bonded instantly Well love your child, Angie had promised the girl You can trust us.For six wonderful months Angie and Conlan had given up trying to get pregnant Sex had become fun again theyd fallen effortlessly back in love Life had been good There had been hope in this house Theyd celebrated with their families Theyd brought Sarah into their home and shared their hearts with her Theyd accompanied her to every OB appointment Two weeks before her due date, Sarah had come home with some stencils and paint She and Angie had decorated this room A sky blue ceiling and walls, crowded by puffy white clouds White picket fencing entwined with bright flowers, their colorful faces attended to by bees and butterflies and fairies.The first sign of disaster had come on the day Sarah went into labor Angie and Conlan had been at work Theyd come home to an empty, too quiet house, with no message on the answering machine and no note on the kitchen table Theyd been home less than an hour when the phone rang.Theyd huddled by the phone together, holding hands, crying with happiness when they heard of the birth It had taken a moment for the other words to register Even now, Angie only remembered bits and pieces of the conversation.Im sorrychanged her mindback with her boyfriendkeeping the babyTheyd shut the door to this room and kept it closed Once a week, their cleaning woman ventured inside, but Angie and Conlan never did For well over a year, this room had stood empty, a shrine to their dream of someday Theyd given up on all of itthe doctors, the treatments, the injections, and the procedures Then, miraculously, Angie had conceived again By the time she was five months pregnant, theyd dared once to enter this room and fill it with their dreams They should have known better.She went to the closet and pulled out a big cardboard box One by one, she began to put things into it, trying not to attach memories to every piece she touched.Hey.She hadnt even heard the door open, and yet here he was, in the room with her.She knew how crazy it must seem to him, to find his wife sitting in the middle of the room, with a big cardboard box beside her Inside it were all of her precious knickknacksthe Winnie the Pooh bedside lamp, the Aladdin picture frame, the crisp new collection of Dr Seuss books The only piece of furniture left was the crib The bedding was on the floor beside it, a neat little stack of pale pink flannel.She turned to look up at him There were tears in her eyes, blurring her vision, but she hadnt noticed until now She wanted to tell him how sorry she was it had all gone wrong between them She picked up a small pink stack of sheets, stroking the fabric It made me crazy was all she could say.He sat down beside her.She waited for him to speak, but he just sat there, watching her She understood The past had taught him caution He was like an animal that had adapted to its dangerous environment by being still and quiet Between the fertility drugs and the broken dreams, Angies emotions were unpredictable I forgot about us, she said.There is no us, Angie The gentle way he said it broke her heart.Finally One of them had dared to say it I know.I wanted a baby, too.She swallowed hard, trying to keep her tears under control Shed forgotten that in the last few years Conlan had dreamed of fatherhood just as she wanted motherhood Somewhere along the way, it had all become about her Shed focused so much on her own grief that his had become incidental It was one of those realizations that would haunt her, she knew She had always been dedicated to success in her lifeher family called her obsessiveand becoming a mother had been one goal to attain She should have remembered that it was a team sport.Im sorry, she said again.He took her in his arms and kissed her It was the kind of kiss they hadnt shared in years.They sat that way, entwined, for a long time.She wished his love could have been enough for her It should have been But her need for a child had been like a high tide, an overwhelming force that had drowned them Maybe a year ago she could have kicked to the surface Not now I loved you I know.We should have been careful.Later that night, when she was alone in the bed theyd bought together, she tried to remember the hows and whys of it, the things theyd said to each other at the end of their love, but none of it came back to her All she could really remember was the smell of baby powder and the sound of his voice when he said good bye From the Hardcover edition.In this tear jerking novel by Hannah Between Sisters , 38 year old Angela Malone abandons a successful advertising career in Seattle to find comfort in West End, the small Pacific Northwest coastal town where she grew up Pregnancy woes chronic miscarriages, a baby who lived only for five days and a botched adoption have caused her marriage to journalist Conlan to end in divorce Her big, warmhearted Italian family welcomes her with open arms, and she throws herself into revamping the family restaurant, DeSaria s Then she befriends hard working teenager Lauren Ribido, who s in need of a new coat, some mothering and, later on, a place to live Lauren s life is far worse than self pitying Angie sshe s pregnant, her alcoholic mother has given up on her, and her rich boyfriend, David, is off to his first choice college Lauren can t go through with the abortion David encourages her to have, and the next step seems obvious she should give the baby up to Angie, who s on the way to reconciling with Conlan Hannah stacks the odds against Lauren almost absurdly, and makes her life with Angie a rose tinted dream come true, but she paints a wrenching, convincing picture of the dilemma teenage mothers face Familiar but warmly rendered characters, a few surprising twists and a bittersweet ending make this satisfying summer reading Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. 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