ᥗ Free Format Kindle ᗜ If Our Bodies Could Talk: A Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body ᦉ E-Pub Author James Hamblin ᧖

ᥗ Free  Format Kindle ᗜ If Our Bodies Could Talk: A Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body  ᦉ E-Pub Author James Hamblin ᧖ ᥗ Free Format Kindle ᗜ If Our Bodies Could Talk: A Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body ᦉ E-Pub Author James Hamblin ᧖ PART ONEAPPEARINGTHE SUPERFICIAL PARTSButterfly children are so called because their skin is like butterflys wings The name is meant to convey extreme fragility But the weakness in butterfly wings is only a product of the fact that we are some one hundred thousand times larger than butterflies In terms of biomechanics, these wings are actually paradigms of efficiency light enough to be operated by a flying worm a fraction of their size, yet strong enough to hold up under the intense shear force of the wind and torrential rain that would be for us like standing under Niagara Falls The skin of a butterfly child, on the other hand, is rather an abject failure of biomechanics Because of one detail The formal name of the disease is dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, or DEB Its traditionally considered a pathology of the skin, the domain of the dermatologist, because it renders the skin like tissue paper that has been left in the sun Such skin falls apart at the lightest touch The condition has no cure It is the worst disease youve never heard of I write that without presuming which diseases you have heard of The trademarked motto of the Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association is the worst disease youve never heard of Its current executive director, Brett Kopelan, coined the phrase in earnest His daughter Rafi was born in a Manhattan hospital on November 19, 2007 Her mother, Jackie, was than a little concerned that patches of skin were missing on their newborns hands and feet She had been two weeks past due, and the doctors initially reassured Jackie and Brett that their baby had been overcooked But the casual dismissal proved too casual when over the next few hours Rafi began bleeding Nurses rushed her to the intensive care unit There she would spend the first month of her life in complete isolation, undergoing a battery of tests, unable to be touched by her parents After two weeks the doctors came to the Kopelans with a potential diagnosis, a name that would become their lives They think its something called epi dermo lysisbullosa Brett recalls saying in a harried phone call with his brother, who is chief of surgery at a hospital just across the river in New Jersey, to which the surgeon replied, Oh, shit Brett ran to Google and read about DEB His first thought was that it was the worst disease hed never heard of On the short arm of the third of your twenty three chromosomes sits a gene called COL7A1 It is responsible for the production of the protein that assembles collagen VII Collagen proteins constitute all of the connective tissue in our bodies, and a third of our total protein From the Greek for glue, collagen holds together everything from skin to ligaments and tendons It comes in several known types of which collagen VII is one Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare disease in several ways, not least in that much of the problem traces to a discrete gene Most diseases are far complex than any single gene can explain But mutations in the COL7A1 gene seem to be responsible for all three major forms of dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, of which Rafis is the most severe Collagen VII anchors our outer layer of skin epidermis to our base layer dermis Without it, the layers separate and the skin crinkles and blisters, coming off at the slightest provocation When Rafi reflexively scratches an itch, she wounds herself The seams on her shirt cause blisters Many mornings she wakes up with her pajamas pasted to her skin in multiple places by dried blood The extrication is grueling.And because collagen VII provides structure throughout the organs of her body, this affects not just the skin, but the internal organs as well Blisters and scars within her mouth and esophagus make it difficult to chew and swallow food She has eye inflammation that can lead to blindness She has a very high risk of developing an aggressive type of skin cancer at a young age She has osteoporosis, syndactyly fusion of the fingers , and mild heart failure Rafis form of epidermolysis bullosa affects fewer than one in a million infants For those who survive, life does not involve much interaction with other people So it is a disease of people whom we are not likely to come to know The spectrum of what most of us consider normal in our day to day lives is skewed strongly away from conditions like EB, and toward small blemishes If it werent, we might be appreciative of the skin that we have, and the simple fact that it adheres to our bodies The average person has about six pounds of skin Like most though not all organs, its essential to life If you woke up one day and your skin had vanished, you would quickly die In what remained of your short life, there would be problems socially Its the largest and most dynamic organ in the human body, constantly turning over and regenerating Skin, along with hair, is unique among body parts in that it is dead cells we carry around In any other organ, dead cells are discarded But the cells in skin and hair stay along with us for a while and serve important functions, not least of which is social identity and thus the foundation on which the understanding of ourselves is built The skin we had last yearlast season, evenis not the skin we have today Most of the cells that compose our bodies are constantly dying and being replaced Around 8 percent of our genes are not even human, but viral We are born with viruses woven into our DNA, and we contain trillions of bacteria that are responsible for, among other things, the appearances of our faces, our body weights, and our states of mind Our bodies are dynamic networks of genetic information shaped by experience, and microbes that change who we are in every moment We are born with signals that will tell us to go bald when most people would appraise us favorably if we had hair, and to be anxious when we neednt be, and to get cancers that we tried hard to avoid The doling out of years and health and happiness will not be fair The seemingly superficial parts, and the way they are perceived by ourselves and others, accumulate into how we understand ourselves, and then into how we move through the world and treat one another.How can I tell if Im beautiful I mean in the purely superficial physical way that I know I shouldnt care about but do because I am a person who exists in the world.In 1909, Maksymilian Faktorowicz opened a beautification establishment in Los Angeles Under the name Max Factor, he would become famous for his cosmetic products, which he sold as part of a pseudoscientific process of diagnosing abnormalities in peoples mostly womens faces He did this using a device he invented called the beauty micrometer An elaborate hood of metallic bands held in place by an array of adjustable screws, the micrometer could be placed over a womans head and, as one of his ads at the time claimed, flaws almost invisible to the ordinary eye would become obvious Then he could apply one of his makeup products, a term coined by Factor, to correct the flaw in this person If, for instance, the subjects nose is slightly crookedso slightly, in fact, that it escapes ordinary observationthe flaw is promptly detected by the instrument, and corrective makeup is applied by an experienced operator Even if putting on a metal hood that could tell people exactly why theyre not beautiful didnt seem wrong on infinite levels, there was also the problem that Factors micrometer was contingent on an empirical definition of beauty A device that tells people whats wrong with them is predicated on an understanding of what is right Max Factors approach is a textbook example of the sales tactic that is still so successful in selling body improving products convince people that there is a deficit in some concrete way, and then sell the antidote In the case of facial symmetry, some evolutionary biologists do believe that we are attracted to symmetric faces because they might indicate health and thus reproductive viability From a strict perspective of evolutionary biology, someone with a prominent growth spiraling out of the side of their eye, for instance, might be viewed as a maladaptive choice for a mate Instincts warn that this person may not survive through the gestation and child rearing process, possibly not even conception Best to move on But today most people survive long enough to reproduce and care not just for children, but grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even domesticated cats We can be less calculating about who to mate with We can and do afford ourselves attraction not to some standard of normalcy, but to novelty and anomaly While Factor was convincing everyone that they were empirically inadequate based on a standard of normalcy that he created to sell products, the University of Michigan sociologist Charles Horton Cooley proposed a nuanced approach, called the looking glass self The idea was that we understand ourselves based not on some empirical idea of what is right or wrong about us, but from how others react to us Its difficult to believe youre physically attractive when the world treats you otherwise, and vice versa The thing that moves us to pride or shame, he wrote in 1922, is not the mere mechanical reflection of ourselves, but an imputed sentiment, the imagined effect of this reflection upon anothers mind Cooley repopularized the timeless idea that other people are not just part of our world, or even merely important to our understanding of ourselves They are everything Technically there are individual humans, just as technically coral is a collection of trillions of tiny sessile polyps, each as wide as the head of a pin Alone in the sea, the polyps would be nothing Together they are barrier reefs that sink ships The idea of a looking glass self could seem disempowering, in that our understandings of ourselves are subject to the perceptions of others A less devastating way of thinking about a world of looking glass people, I think, is the idea that everywhere we go, not only are we surrounded by mirrors, but we are mirrors ourselves Its not the face in the Max Factor machine that matters, but the way that face is received We cant always choose our mirrors, but we can choose the kind of mirrors we will bea kind mirror, or a malevolent mirror, or anything in between Why do I have dimples The muscle that pulls the corners of your mouth up and back a smile is called the zygomaticus In people with dimples, that muscle is shorter than in the average person and may be forked into two ends, one of which is tethered to the dermis of the cheek, which then gets sucked inward when the person smiles This is one way that beauty happens Its an anatomical anomaly, sometimes even referred to as a defect That understanding comes from an oft cited theme in biology that form necessarily correlates with function Everything must happen for some reason, right If dimples are a form without a clear function, then its easy to dismiss them as defects It would be easier to write this book if it were the case that our body parts either had a clear purpose or else represented defects or diseases But were complex and interesting than that Biological function is a concept foundational to understanding health and disease, and its defined most often as the reason that a structure or process came to exist in a system We have opposable thumbs, by the etiological theory of biological function, because they gave us an advantage in using certain tools While form can help inform our understanding of function, though, few cases are so clear cut as thumbs Some beards grow, some skin peels, and some cheeks dimple because they evolved to do so in certain people under certain conditions There is no purpose, teleologically, for beards to grow or skin to peel or cheeks to dimple Theoretically all functions should together contribute to our fitnessto keeping us alive and well, as populationsbut they may not do so individually In isolation, a particular bodily functionlike sleeping, for instancemay seem to be only a weakness Sleeping is a time when we might be eaten by birds But it exists, according to leading theorists on the still outstanding question of why we sleep, because it augments the functions of other body parts Elements of our forms may also be vestigial, like wisdom teeth or appendices, relics that lost function over time as systems changed There is a spectrum of vestigiality, with some parts trending toward obsolescence but not yet useless Other parts may never have been functional, but simply emerged as side effects of the functions of other parts These are sometimes known as spandrels, an allusion to decorative flourishes in architecture that serve no purpose in supporting the structure The overarching idea is that almost no body part can be explained in isolation They make sense only in the context of whole people, just like whole people make sense only in the context of whole populations In a parallel world, dimples are anomalies we would attempt to prevent or correct But in this time and place we choose to desire and envy them Sometimes even to create them by force If I didnt have dimples, could I give them to myself In 1936, entrepreneur Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, New York, advertised a dimple machine that consisted of a face fitting spring carrying two tiny knobs which press into the cheeks Over time, this force should produce a fine set of dimples.It didnt, though, because that is not how dimples work If only as an alternative to that particular form of hell, we may be fortunate that today a surgeon can perform a twenty minute procedure to suture a cheek muscle known as the buccinator to the interior surface of the skin of a persons skin, creating a dimple It can all be done without ever puncturing the skin from the outside, coming through the inside of the cheek and cutting out a little bit of the cheek muscle, then running a suture through that muscle to the undersurface of the skin in the cheek Pull it tight, and the skin will pucker This is all done while the person is awake The puckering is exactly the sort of outcome that cosmetic surgeons spend years perfecting the art of suturing in order to avoid So it took a truly heterodox thinker to invent the procedure Based in Beverly Hills, plastic surgeon Gal Aharonov considers himself the father of the American trend in dimple surgeries It wasnt a trend before I started doing it, he told me Thats a phrase I rarely trust, but he does appear to have created the dimpling technique, about ten years ago.This book answers all the questions you ever had about your healthplus a whole lot of questions that never occurred to you but should have Even if you dont care about your health you should read it, because Hamblin is such a delightfully amusing writer Walter Isaacson, 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Innovators and Steve JobsReading James Hamblins book is like taking a journey through the vast and uncharted landscape of health science Fad Diets The science of vaccines The truth and lies behind coffee The rumblings of the stomach If you want to understand the strange workings of the human body, and the future of medicine, you must read this illuminating, engaging book Siddhartha Mukherjee, 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Gene and The Emperor of All MaladiesJim is the friendly pocket doctor I ve always longed to carry around with me, chirping helpful medical advice into my ear like You can t stop touching your face and alerting me to the dangers of catching a wild cow and convincing it to let itself be milked Without him, I might not have a body at all Mallory Ortberg, author of Texts From Jane Eyre Hamblin writes with sarcasm, humor, and a sense of astonishment He does a stellar job with nutrition, covering supplements, multivitamins, energy drinks, and gluten He calls out medical misinformation and marketing myths Educational, entertaining, and a bit eccentric BooklistFascinating Challenging what one interviewee calls the scientific misinformation and marketing based facts we are bombarded with daily, this book will be a useful tool for helping people get in touch with their own bodies Publishers WeeklyCharming, engrossing, occasionally heartbreaking, and at times political If Our Bodies Could Talk does not set out to be comprehensive, and yet it feels holistically soa testament to Hamblins intelligence and humor ElleUnderneath the curiosity factor and his nerdy charm, Hamblin conveys useful information Thats a win win for everyone Success.com If Our Bodies Could Talk, theyd want James Hamblin taking dictation Sloane Crosley, Vanity FairWitty The New YorkerThe book reads sort of like an FAQ section of a how to manual for the human body, but its much funny and engaging than any manual The Daily BeastAhumorous, highly narrative, plainly written manual to the body that covers everything from why we scratch itches to how our hearts know to beat Missoula Independent If Our Bodies Could Talk A Guide to Operating and If Maintaining a Human Body James Hamblin on FREE shipping qualifying offers you want understand the strange workings of human body, future medicine, must read this illuminating is fun educational pop science book how our bodies work Science writer, web personality senior editor at Atlantic magazine, Hamblin, takes readers an enjoyable journey body by About illuminating, engaging Siddhartha Review Talk, Spleens Probably Dec , numbingly upbeat grab bag anecdotes factoids curiosities with no through narrative As your literary MD I cannot recommend it, except in Book, Average Clitoris Size In excerpt his new book, author tackles some crucial clitoris questions YouTube Oct Off beat perspectives health from Things That Happen Your When You Lose Sleep Losing sleep can impair s ability fight off illness This makes it easier get sick Researchers even uncovered reciprocal relationship between immune systemYou Your PH levels Altered States pH What does mean abbreviation for potential hydrogen The any solution measure its ion concentration higher reading, alkaline oxygen rich fluid lower acidic deprived range being neutral Anything above alkaline, anything below What happens if don t enough calcium majority form phosphate bone Those who do not over long period time develop osteoporosis thinning tissue loss density Happens re Dehydrated Dehydration when ve lost too much water without replacing which prevents perform normal functions Infants children are especially prone dehydration since their composed percent water, respectively Souls We Die Cold Case There many good reasons believe we, as humans, than simply physical bodiesHumans soulish creatures we living souls united Even guidance Scripture, there lives will end point death Weird Running Every Day Does wondering tone might considering running all seen them those runners jog long, lean, enviable This Is Eating Carbs Actually SELF Thinking about carbs probably conjures up images everything been programmed avoid pasta, cookies, cake, bread These foods bad rap, so wonder that Understanding Insulin Nutrition Wonderland release insulin right before during eating, tells start taking glucose out blood, thus lowering blood It both promoting uptake cells storage within Books NYU Press Publisher academic books electronic media publishing general interest wide variety fields Theosophy Man His Annie Besant PREFACE FEW words needed sending little into world seventh series Manuals designed meet public demand simple exposition theosophical teaching BASIC CHART Gathering RBTI chart Reams wisdom require term express pass electrodes, or, they usually called, polesSubstances frequently spoken electro negative, 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acne, painful breasts, migraines, cellulite, libido, disrupted monthly cycle, menopausal issues, burn outs Baseball Positive kids throw, encourage shuffle feet push power legs direction leading throw player field steps pitcher delivering pitch Planet Wikipedia planet astronomical orbiting star stellar remnant massive be rounded own gravity, thermonuclear fusion, has cleared neighbouring region planetesimals ancient, ties history, astrology, science, mythology, religionFive planets Solar System visible naked eye European Commission Growth Nando New Approach Notified Designated Organisations Information Notification act whereby Member State informs States fulfils relevant requirements, designated carry Guide what really mean Emotional Cause Physical Symptoms see Feelings According Louise Hay cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, merely tangible evidence going unconscious Math Liberal Studies Comment copy read, but remains excellent condition Pages intact marred notes highlighting, may contain 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started Hogwarts, he met Has Garden Eden located last ldolphin Has Dora Jane using interdisciplinary approach, archaeologist Juris Zarins believes found pinpoint us Harry Hamlin IMDb Robinson actor stage, television films born Pasadena, California, Berniece socialite, Chauncey Jerome Hamlin, Jr aeronautical engineer Patricia Chamblin Mehaffy Weber Pat began practicing MehaffyWeber following her graduation honors Texas Law addition trying numerous cases handling appeals, mediated hundreds Exposed Memphis ratical hardly fact that, apart courtroom participants, TV reporter Wendell Stacy beginning historic three one half week trial Passenger List Jardine, Plymouth Adelaide, South Australian Advertiser, Thursday June Jardine arrived reported above, concluding voyage days Liverpool Captain reports fair sailing wind have prevailed MISSING KNOWN DECEASED CLASSMATES MISSSING AND LIST OF CLASSMATES IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT US Postal Service unexpectedly levied per piece fee retrieve undelivered 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