骥 Free Format Kindle @Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches--and Your Wrinkles!--in Just 21 Days ꔣ By Kellyann Petrucci 싖

骥 Free Format Kindle @Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches--and Your Wrinkles!--in Just 21 Days ꔣ By Kellyann Petrucci 싖 骥 Free Format Kindle @Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches--and Your Wrinkles!--in Just 21 Days ꔣ By Kellyann Petrucci 싖 CHAPTER 1My 21 Day Challenge to You Lose the Weight And the Wrinkles New York City is my second home And I love to eat hey, I m Italian so when I m in town, I hit every place from Le Bernardin to the Pearl Oyster Bar.But I did a double take recently when I walked past Brodo in the East Village and saw its menu bone broth Just bone broth Turkey broth Pasture fed beef broth Amish chicken broth.I was amazed to see that New Yorkers are discovering the food I ve been prescribing for years and now they can t get enough of it They re abandoning Star bucks in droves for their daily fix of bone broth Chic restaurants all over the city are selling it faster than they can make it.And it s not just a New York craze Celebrities like Shailene Woodley, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kobe Bryant are hooked on their daily fix of bone broth morning talk show hosts are raving about it and foodies everywhere are making it in their own kitchens.Here s what I already know and the rest of the world is finding out Bone broth isn t just broth And it isn t just soup It s concentrated healing This broth, made from meat, poultry, or fish bones and simmered on the stove for hours until it turns into nutrient rich liquid gold, is one of the world s oldest and most powerful medicinal foods.But here s what most people don t know yet There s to bone broth than meets the eye That s because this magical food strips weight off your body and takes years off your age When you combine the power of bone broth mini fasts with a core diet of fat burning foods, you will drop ds like crazy and at the same time, you ll erase wrinkles and under eye bags.In fact, if you re willing to commit to just 21 days on this diet, I promise you this You will transform your body.How do I know this It s my job I m a naturopathic physician and a certified nutritional consultant with than 20 years of clinical experience, and my specialty is transforming people What s , I m really good at it You may have seen a couple of my transformations on The Doctors recently Over the course of my career, I ve helped thousands of people lose weight and become healthy, sexy, and energetic again My success stories include everyone from 450 d patients who lost all of their excess weight to Hollywood celebrities who need to have perfect bodies and faces for the big screen And bone broth is a key to my transformations.Jenny showed up in my office weighing 180 ds As soon as I said hi, she started to cry.Why Because she was sure I couldn t help her Nobody has, she said She told me she went on her first diet at 13, and 20 years later after Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and a dozen other diets she weighed than ever Now she was borderline diabetic And after watching her mother die from complications of diabetes, she was terrified that it would happen to her.Jenny knew she needed to lose weight But every diet she d tried left her weak, trembly, and hungry She d lose 5 or 6 ds right away, but she could never keep the momentum After the first few days, her cravings would grow so strong that she couldn t do anything except obsess about food After a week or two, she d crash, bingeing on ice cream and pizza And then she d feel disgusted with herself.She d seen me on TV, and she wanted to believe that I could help But she d been burned too often to really think I could.So I didn t promise her anything Instead, I simply described my program And then I said, Just give me 3 weeks She did At the end of that time, she d lost 20 ds Six months later, she now weighs 130 ds She s not prediabetic any She looks like she s 25, and she feels like a teenager.Just 6 months ago, Jenny looked matronly Nobody noticed her when she walked by Men ignored her Women dismissed her as no competition Instead of being the center of attention, she was on the sidelines And instead of posing for pictures, she was hiding behind the camera In essence, she was invisible.Now, however, Jenny looks hot from her slim figure to her glowing skin The first time she came to my office, she was wearing a plus size flowered muumuu that classic overweight old lady dress On her last visit, she wore skinny jeans and a halter top Invisible Not this girl Not ever again.Why was Jenny able to lose weight so quickly on my program, after decades of struggling Because I took the pain and fear out of dieting When I showed her that she never had to starve in order to lose weight and that, in fact, she could eat well I gave her the information she needed to transform her body and her life.Now Jenny has enough confidence and energy to light up a room And when she walks through a door, heads turn.MY SECRET WEAPON FOR FAST, HUNGER FREE WEIGHT LOSS BONE BROTHI ve been guiding weight loss transformations like Jenny s for than 2 decades However, it took me a while to discover the most powerful weapon in my weight loss arsenal.Early in my career, I quickly established a track record of success But I wanted to do even better for my patients and, in particular, I wanted to achieve the biggest results in the shortest time for patients struggling with obesity.Many of the people I work with merely want to lose a dress size or a pants size, but others are dangerously overweight They re diabetic, they have heart disease, they have sleep apnea, and they can barely move So they need to drop weight fast.As any weight loss expert will tell you, fasting is the quickest way to jump start weight loss even though it s difficult or impossible for many people on my easy and painless solution for this shortly Unlike mere calorie restriction, fasting sends your metabolism into hyperdrive I ll talk about this in Chapter 3 That s why I ve always encouraged my obese or even mildly overweight patients to fast at least 1 or 2 days a week Besides cutting down on calories, here are some of the reasons fasting jump starts weight loss.It optimizes hormones Fasting causes your levels of insulin to drop and your levels of another hormone called glucagon to rise Think of glucagon as the mirror image of insulin While insulin packs on fat, glucagon pulls fat out of cells I ll get into this in Chapter 3.It makes levels of human growth hormone surge This hormone burns fat and builds lean muscle, sculpting the core, arms, and legs.It cleanses the body Think of the fluid around your cells your cellular matrix as similar to the water in a fish tank When it s filled with sludge, the cells are sludgy, too Fasting cleanses your cellular matrix, removing debris that makes cells sluggish For example, fasting promotes the tagging of unneeded proteins for removal and recycling.1 In addition, it ramps up a process called autophagy about this in Chapter 3 , which gets rid of old, tired cells that can t burn energy efficiently.So fasting works And it works immediately But here s the problem Fasting can be hard.Over time, I found that while many people can handle total fasts with ease, many others can t They get hungry and shaky They start having headaches They can t focus at work or at home They get anxious, and they start obsessing constantly about food So they give up.No way was I going to let this happen to my patients For many of them, I m the last chance doctor and I wasn t about to let them down And while I knew my patients could lose weight over time without fasting, I also knew that they needed to see immediate results Both emotionally and physically, they had to get a quick win.So I had to find an answer I needed to create a program that would give these dangerously overweight patients and all of my patients, including those who need to lose only a few ds the immediate benefits of fasting without the drawbacks.And then it hit me bone broth.I was already prescribing bone broth as a core part of my weight loss program because it s a high octane fat burner So I thought Why not combine the power of easy mini fasts with the power of bone broth When I began doing this, I discovered that my patients got all of the benefits of full fasting without the pain They lost weight and, as a bonus, took years off their skin.I d found the missing key.Why Because here s what bone broth does.It fills you up without adding ds Bone broth is rich, complex, hearty, and soul satisfying It has virtually zero carbs and very few calories, so it s sin free and you can indulge in as much as you want Translation no hunger, even when you re fasting.It s packed with the building blocks of collagen Collagen blasts wrinkles, so you can take years off your face at the same time as you lose weight I ll talk about this in Chapter 3 It detoxifies your body Like fasting, bone broth helps cleanse your cellular matrix, energizing and de aging your cells.It heals your gut If you re battling extra ds I m guessing that you also have digestive problems constipation, diarrhea, gas, or even all three That s because weight gain and digestive problems often stem from a common source a sick gut The gelatin and other nutrients in bone broth help heal the gut something I ll talk about in Chapter 3 , curing digestive problems while they facilitate weight loss.It heals your joints One reason people become overweight is that as they get older, their joints develop wear and tear and it becomes harder to move So they exercise less and they sit Bone broth gives you a generous supply of nutrients that help heal your joints I ll tell you about this in Chapter 3 as well It s anti inflammatory One of the most important scientific findings of the century is that inflammation underlies obesity To understand why, you need to understand the difference between acute and chronic inflammation.Acute inflammation for instance, the inflammation you experience when you have a cold or the flu typically is a good thing, because it helps your body fight off infections and repair tissues But if you develop chronic, low grade inflammation, that s a whole different story Chronic inflammation damages your cells, and it leads to biochemical changes that make you put on weight Fat cells are inflammatory, so when you add ds, a vicious cycle inflammation leading to weight gain, leading to inflammation begins This sets the stage for insulin resistance and other metabolic changes that cause you to put on even weight, develop inflammation, and so on.When you break this cycle by healing inflammation with nutrients like those concentrated in bone broth, the ds start to fall off Remember this rule Anything that increases inflammation puts weight on you, while anything that decreases inflammation takes weight off In addition, dry, rough skin and acne which are outward signs of internal inflammation will start to clear up.When my patients do twice a week mini fasts combining the power of fasting with the fat melting qualities of bone broth, the effect is stunning They can t believe how little sacrifice they need to make, how little they re tempted to eat the junk they used to crave, and how fast they see results.For facts on bone broth and the magic it can do for you, go to my Resources page at bonebrothdietbook.com resources.My patients love my plan for another reason They get to spend the other 5 days of the week eating fabulous food and they still lose weight Why Because I show them how to throw out the foods that are making them fat and aging their skin and add the foods that will make them thin and reverse their wrinkles.MY SECOND KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS PEELING OFF POUNDS WITH FAT BURNING FOODSOn the Bone Broth Diet, my patients spend only 2 days each week mini fasting They spend the other 5 days eating an amazing variety of foods from frittatas and stews to soups, chilies, and steaks At first they re a little worried because they feel like they re overindulging but then they see that the numbers on the scale are dropping fast.Why Because they re getting rid of the foods that made them fat and replacing them with foods that accelerate fat burning.To understand why eliminating certain foods and adding others is so critical to losing weight, you need to know the real reason people get fat Many doctors will tell you that it s because their patients are lazy, they re weak, or they have low willpower But none of this is true In reality, most people gain weight because they re doing exactly what their doctors tell them to do.BONE BROTH DIET DEVOTEESLora ProbertLora, who was part of my test group in Detroit, had asked her doctor for a referral to a therapist because she couldn t handle her intense food cravings She wanted to lose weight, but when food was in front of her, she told me, I had to eat it If I saw it, I wanted it It was a real struggle When she started the Bone Broth Diet, Lora didn t believe me when I said she d eventually lose those cravings But she did During the diet, she went to four birthday parties and didn t have any urge to eat the cakes, cupcakes, or pizza That to me has been really, really amazing, she says That I feel like I have control over my food and I m not missing the chocolate and the cake and the ice cream It s been life changing for me If you re one of these people, here s what you re doing.You re dutifully eating lots of high carb foods like whole wheat bread, sugary low fat yogurt, cereal, rice, and pasta So what s the problem To digest foods like these, your body has to churn out massive amounts of insulin Eventually, your cells stop responding to this insulin This is called insulin resistance, and I ll talk about it throughout the book When this happens, you store fat.You re also following your doctor s orders by eating a diet that contains fats like canola oil and corn oil In the process, you re loading your body with inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids and depriving it of anti inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids The result sick cells and rapid weight gain.In addition, you re eating tons of soy again, on the advice of your doctor You ve probably been led to believe that soy is a health food but in reality, it s a hormone disruptor that may cause your thyroid, the conductor of your body s hormones, to become underactive And hypothyroidism, in addition to making you feel sluggish and miserable, is a leading cause of obesity In addition, soy and particularly processed soy has other dangerous effects I ll talk about in Chapter 4. Dr KellyannsBone Broth Diet is totally dialed in This is empowering, user friendly information supported by the most forward thinking scientific research available DAVID PERLMUTTER, MD, author of the 1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and SugarYour Brains Silent Killers Heres what Kellyann and I know from decades of transforming peoples lives What you put on your fork is powerful than anything youll find in a prescription bottle MARK HYMAN, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution Wealth doesn t mean anything if you don t have your health In this book, Dr Kellyann gives you the tools you need to conquer your weight problems, heal your body, stay young, and take your energy to an incredible level Read it and take charge of your life DAYMOND JOHN, co host of ABCs Emmy award winning Shark Tank and bestselling author of The Brand Within and Display of PowerYour life isnt about losing a few pounds right now, and then falling back into old habits Instead, its about empowering you to take control of your body and your mind for the rest of your life Dr Kellyann offers you the tools you need to be healthy, slim, and young, not just now, but forever BRETT HOEBEL, creator of the 20 Minute BodyTM and celebrity trainer on NBCs The Biggest Loser Dr Kellyanns Bone Broth Diet provides a terrific plan to lose weight Fasting twice per week has always been a great way to lose weight, but few could succeed Dr Petrucci makes it easy for you by adding nutrient packed bone broth plus great recipes that are nourishing and satisfying Her emphasis on clean sources of fat and protein make great sense STEVE MASLEY,MD, FAHAA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS, bestselling author of The 30 Day Heart Tune Up and Smart Fat, and creator of the top health Dr KellyannsBone Broth Diet is a must read for anyone who wants to say goodbye toold habits and de age their bodies The easy to follow strategies will rescueyou from old patterns and jumpstart your metabolism Dr Kellyanns plan willhelp create the glow that comes from having endless energy, a trim body and aradiant complexion KATHY SMITH, New York Times bestselling author and fitness DVD Hall Of Famer Dr Kellyann s Bone Broth Diet Lose Up to Pounds, Fulfillment by FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in fulfillment centers, and directly pack, ship, provide customer for these Expert, Weight Loss Dr Petrucci bone broth expert, weight loss diet transformation specialist, NYT best selling author regular on the Oz show Day The Plan As naturopathic physician has helped thousands of patients achieve spectacular youthful looking skin through her New York Times says it ranks with green juice coconut water as next magic potion eternal quest perfect health ABC News calls new craze Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Shailene Woodley, Salma Hayek, Kobe Bryant are hooked It core bestseller Bonebrothdietbook Bonebrothdietbook tracked us since December, Over time been ranked high world, while most its traffic comes from USA, where SLIM Collagen Coffee Can I have Coffee place While can take your homemade every now then don t recommend completely eliminating SLIM To Go Kellyann Our popular reformulated bring you better taste even nutrient power than ever before Easiest Way Get On This bioavailable form collagen allows body absorb reap benefits Dr About Petrucci, Expert Learn about creator revolution Find out how making clients feel younger, healthier happier Cookbook Recipes Help KELLYANN PETRUCCI, MS, ND, board certified physician, nutrition consultant, bestselling DietShe also concierge doctor celebrities Los Angeles featured public television special Days Slimmer, Younger YouDr Vegetables That Boost Your Immune System dummies Garlic surely one world potent medicines, smell what makes so powerful active ingredient allicin turns into organosulfurs, which compounds keep cells safe all destructive cellular processes cause major chronic diseases natural antiseptic prevents cancer, fights infection, colds HOW THE BONE BROTH DIET HELPS YOU Bessie Bakes help shed pounds decrease wrinkles healing Foods Naturally Build For Glowing, Youthful MS ND book Diet, Cookbook, Belly Slimdown The Belly, Heal Gut Top Functional Integrative Medical Doctors Axe Axe content medically reviewed or fact checked ensure factually accurate information With strict editorial sourcing guidelines, only link academic research institutions, reputable media sites and, when available, peer studies How Alcohol Fits Paleo By Melissa Joulwan, cave man doesn forbid alcohol key successfully imbibing living choosing right adult beverages consuming responsible, intentional way Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches--and Your Wrinkles!--in Just 21 Days

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