῁ Free Download Format Kindle @The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor ѵ PDF by Ginevra Liptan ञ

῁ Free Download  Format Kindle @The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor ѵ PDF by Ginevra Liptan ञ ῁ Free Download Format Kindle @The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor ѵ PDF by Ginevra Liptan ञ 9781101967201 excerptLiptan THE FIBROMANUALChapter 1Figuring Out Fibromyalgia for MyselfAt the end of my first year of medical school, I was doing crunches at the gym when I felt a muscle in the front of my neck rip, causing intense pain I had injured muscles before, and I figured it would heal quickly But as days turned to weeks, it didnt My neck burned constantly and felt like it could no longer hold up the weight of my head The only relief I got was when I wrapped a heating pad around it A chiropractor found mild abnormalities in my cervical spine and made some adjustments I started getting regular chiropractic treatments, because they were all I could think to do, and they helped a little.That summer, I was achy and tired all the time I took a part time babysitting job, and working for just a few hours left me exhausted for days I woke up in the morning with a sore neck and back, which hurt all day I frequently felt stiff, weak, and lightheaded It was as if all the energy of my body and mind had been sucked out I went to see my primary care doctor, who prescribed a muscle relaxant, which did not help The pain progressed to my upper backan ache between my shoulder blades that would not go away My spine hurt, my skin hurt, everything hurt I was sleeping poorly, tossing and turning, and I woke every morning feeling tired than before I went to bed I felt too weak to even lift my arms to wash my hair in the shower.One day my hips started aching so much that I couldnt do anything but lie in bed and cry I was sure there was something really wrong with me, so I went again to my doctor She drew blood and sent me to a rheumatologist The rheumatologist ordered X rays of my neck and hips and assured me they were completely normal.So why do I hurt all the time I asked.I dont know, but you dont have arthritis, he responded.I returned to my doctor to find that my labs were all normal My doctors had no answers for me and nothing to offer.A DiagnosisI started my second year of medical school as a total wreck And then a bit of grace fell my way My chiropractor sold her practice I tearfully told my entire story to the chiropractor who took it over, and he suggested that I might have fibromyalgiathe first time anyone had even mentioned it to me He checked my tender points, and registered exquisite tenderness in at least twelve of them, confirming the diagnosis He recommended that I pick up what he called the bible of fibromyalgia, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome A Survival Manual, by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland I spent weeks reading and rereading it, trying to convince myself that I did not have the condition, but unable to avoid the fact that it described me perfectly Chronic was such an awful word And fibromyalgia had such a stigma among doctorseven among my fellow medical studentsthat I couldnt quite believe I had it.I began doing research in my medical textbooks, on the Internet, and in bookstores I quickly became discouraged Western medicine had little to offer beyond antidepressants and exercise I was already on antidepressants, and exercise made me feel worse So I ventured into the confusing world of alternative medicine, perusing countless theories and treatments online, many of which conflicted directly with what I was learning in school I was overwhelmed by the different ideas I encountered about the causes of fibromyalgia and how to treat it.Was it yeast overgrowth Low thyroid hormone production Did I need to cleanse my body of toxins Do a raw juice fast Use guaifenesin to reduce calcium phosphate deposits in the muscles Was I deficient in some vitamin that I needed in megadoses Did I need a macrobiotic diet Raw foods Alkaline foods Compounding my frustration was the fact that I was so fatigued I didnt have the energy to contemplate major lifestyle or dietary changes Acupuncture didnt help, and massage made me feel achy and tired The latter half of my second year of medical school was basically a very expensive correspondence course I rarely felt well enough to make it to class, and survived by getting lecture notes from friends, studying at home, and showing up only for the occasional required seminar and exams.I finally accepted that I had fibromyalgia I felt hopeless and helpless I told myself that it wasnt fatalit wasnt cancerbut it still felt like a death sentence It became clear that there was no way I could make it through the rigors of the third year of medical school, with its eighty hour workweeks and high levels of physical and emotional stress I took a leave of absence.Stumbling into HelpDuring my yearlong leave I read every book I could get my hands on about fibromyalgia and tried every treatment I could I knew exercise was supposed to help, so I kept trying new regimens, only to stop after injuring myself After diligently following the guaifenesin protocol described in What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease, by R Paul St Amand and Claudi Craig Marek, I was devastated when I got no benefit from it I took thousands of dollars worth of useless supplements I tried IV therapies with a naturopath, and saw a top holistic MD in Boston I did colonic hydrotherapy and fasted and did detoxifying diets I tried every type of massage I could find, but each session seemed to make my pain worse I journaled and saw a therapist and tried to meditate None of it helped, and midway through the year I was feeling hopeless and preparing to drop out of school completely.Then I read Claire Musickants Fibromyalgia My Journey to Wellness Musickant describes her dramatic reduction in symptoms after testing for food sensitivities and eliminating the offenders I knew it was something I needed to do it felt right I had a rare rush of hope and excitement as I called the lab to find a practitioner in my area, a naturopath She told me the test was expensive I hesitated and asked her if she had found that it helped people with fibromyalgia Oh, yes, she said, and it helped me I had fibromyalgia and am now ninety percent better She had fibromyalgiapast tense These were possibly the most beautiful words I had ever heard She was the first person I had talked to who had even suggested that fibromyalgia was something one could recover from.I did the blood test and started to avoid the recommended foods and chemicals After about two weeks, I realized that the all over body ache I had grown so accustomed to was gone Now it only hurt when someone actually pressed on my muscles It didnt feel as if I constantly had the flu I had the energy to grocery shop, to cook, to exercise I was thrilled But my sleep was still light and restless and I woke up exhausted every morning My neck and arm pain flared up easily with exertion or repeated motion.A massage therapist recommended I try a manual therapy technique, the John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, which involves slow, prolonged stretching that releases restrictions in the fascia, the connective tissue around the muscle see chapter 12 for further details After several sessions I experienced dramatic pain reduction in my arms and neck With ongoing myofascial release therapy, I felt well enough to return to medical school, but I remained fatigued all the time Things really fell apart during a month of night shifts in the hospital I couldnt sleep during the day and developed severe insomnia I dragged myself once again to my primary doctor, who prescribed a sleep medication.Suddenly everything shifted I was getting deeper sleep and feeling rested when I woke up The combination of improving sleep quality with medication, avoiding inflammation producing foods, and myofascial release treatments got me through the grueling remainder of medical school and residency training And it forms the core of my treatment approach to this day Over the years I fine tuned my technique, learning other ways to improve deep sleep, treat the fascia, and warm up so that exercise helps and doesnt hurt.As I continued my medical training, I was able to better assess the thousands of studies and articles written about fibromyalgia I began to put together why certain treatments had helped me so much, while others did nothing at all Based on my own relief with myofascial release I was convinced that the fascia was the source of fibromyalgia pain, and my research has focused on it ever since At Oregon Health and Science University I conducted a study that found myofascial release therapy was helpful than standard massage for fibromyalgia symptoms Liptan 2013 Ive also published articles on exercise and self management strategies Jones 2012 Liptan 2010 Jones 2009 In 2011 I founded the first private practice in the United States dedicated exclusively to fibromyalgia, the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia, in Lake Oswego, Oregon.For years after my diagnosis I felt bitter toward all the doctors who had not been able to help me It was so frustrating that again and again I had to find my own way, wasting money on ineffective treatments because I had no guidance My resentment faded, though, as I continued my medical training and practice and realized that physicians in this country are working within an untenable system Our current medical framework is just not set up well to deal with chronic and complex illnesses like fibromyalgia And while most doctors do really try to help their fibromyalgia patients, they simply lack the expertise or tools to do it.I told no one about my diagnosis, even my closest friends I only revealed it during my final presentation to colleagues and teachers on the last day of my residency I felt as if I was coming out and revealing a whole secret life I wanted to show my fellow doctors it is a real disease that can happen to anyone Since then, I have focused a large part of my career on educating other health care professionals about this invisible illness I am done feeling ashamed My hypervigilant nervous system keeps me attuned to subtle changes in other peoples emotional states and in my environment It has helped me to become a better doctor And my intimate experiences with pain and suffering have made me a better human being.The most up to date, comprehensive treatment guide to fibromyalgia, by a renowned physician who herself has the condition If you suffer from fibromyalgia and are struggling to get help from your doctor, youre far from alone Ten million Americans experience the widespread muscle pain, profound fatigue, and fuzzy brain fibrofog that have long frustrated both patients and doctors In this unique resource, Ginevra Liptan, M.D., shares a cutting edge new approach that goes far beyond mainstream medical knowledge to produce dramatic symptom improvement Dr Liptans program incorporates clinically proven therapies from both alternative and conventional medicine, along with the latest research on experimental options like medical marijuana Since many health care providers have limited fibromyalgia expertise, The FibroManual includes a thoroughly sourced health care provider guide that enables readers to help their doctors help them Alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms in four simple steps Rest, Repair, Rebalance, and Reduce and you will restore deep, restful sleep achieve long lasting pain relief optimize hormone and energy balance reduce fatigue This accessible and empowering resource provides essential information about understanding and treating fibromyalgia from a physician who, as both patient and provider, understands the illness from the inside From the Trade Paperback edition. The FibroManual A Complete Treatment Guide to Written by a Doctor, The is comprehensive and complete guide for dealing with Fibromyalgia It includes both modern alternative medicine practices Ginevra Liptan Penguin Random House About most up date, treatment fibromyalgia, renowned physician who herself has the condition If you suffer from fibromyalgia are struggling get help your doctor, re far alone Fibromanual ProHealth Liptan, conditionIf Paperback of You Your Doctor at Barnes Noble FREE out based on ratings Since many health care providers have limited expertise, thoroughly sourced provider that enables readers their doctors them Interview Dr author FibroManual I m excited today bring an interview founder Frida Center Figuring Out just released her latest book, earlier this week, it s already bestseller in category ebook Rakuten Kobo Read Kobo conditio fibromanual item MD represents specific, individual, material embodiment distinct intellectual or artistic creation found Benton County Public Library Ginevra Fibromyalgia graduate Tufts University School Medicine board certified internal She been associate professor Oregon Health Science University, articles about published peer reviewed medical journals, she recipient Gerlinger Foundation Research Award Metanx prescription food made Pamlab contains L methylfolate as Metafolin, calcium salt vitamin B , methylcobalamin pyridoxal phosphate supplement indicated dietary management peripheral neuropathy ie DPN Ingredients following active ingredients per capsuleWhy love Magnesium Liptan Recently reminded how useful magnesium can be during flares tool activate my relaxation response Medicine, trained functional medicine, holistic approach blends Western medicineAfter developing student, spent years using guinea pig find successful treatments, fine tuned Fibromyalgia Food Topic New Book National By Ed Coghlan May Fibro Awareness Day At least every year, we like check one nation experts diseaseShe became interested Formula Real Life Approach powerful but trying shop, cook, eat healthy feel insurmountable challenge Dr Pain Management gives overview pain cycle, ideas treating each part it, plus why difficult treat Metanx Wikipedia capsule integrative clinic founded personal experience complex illness developed search effective treatments Home Facebook Appointment Portland, OR specialist OR specializes book PainPathways As med school student discovered was own best advocate MD, had never heard when began feeling overwhelming fatigue typical working insane hours experiencing extreme stress Anesthesiologist US anesthesiologist received degree practice between drliptan Instagram photos videos Followers, Following, Posts See videos QA With Treating Living director Fascia Fascia Hidden Piece Puzzle may doctor TV ad caused over activity sensing nerves Figuring Current science After Twitter Watch new video Dec Tweet location add information Tweets, such city precise location, web via third party applications The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor

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