ጂ Best new ಯ Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean ጘ PDF by Edward Kritzler ፩

ጂ Best new ಯ Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean  ጘ PDF by Edward Kritzler ፩ ጂ Best new ಯ Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean ጘ PDF by Edward Kritzler ፩ Chapter OneCOLUMBUS AND JAMAICA SCHOSEN PEOPLEMay 1504, Santa Gloria, Jamaica For nearly a year, Columbus had been stranded in Jamaica with a hoard of gold, a mutinous crew, and a few dozen teenage loyalists, some of whom were secret Jews Alone, melancholy, and confined to his cabin by gout, the great explorer wrote his patron Queen Isabella a despairing letter He feared that even if he defeated the mutineers, the governor of Santo Domingo, who had promised to send a rescue ship, wanted him dead.So much had happened since he had been making the rounds of Europe, a would be explorer going from king to king seeking royal backing for a promised quick passage west across the Ocean Sea to India and the wealth of the East In 1486, at his first meeting with Spain s royal couple, King Ferdinand, although intrigued by the plan, told Columbus the time was not opportune They were in the midst of a war and could not seriously consider such an important matter until peace was restored In parting, Queen Isabella counseled patience and awarded Columbus a retainer, promising they would meet again when the war was over.On January 12, 1492, Columbus entered the royal quarters He had been summoned a few days after Spain s final victory over the Moors at Granada, and the queen had sent him money to buy new clothes and a mule to ride Encouraged by her gift, Columbus was confident He had honed his proposal into a detailed presentation, with maps and charts from the Jewish astronomer Abraham Zacuto, and quotes from the Bible and Greek sages supporting his view that the world was round, the oceans not large, and Japan lay three thousand miles to the west, across the Ocean Sea Prepared for questions, he received none.After an unsettling silence, Ferdinand spoke Victory over the Moors had emptied the treasury, he said Moreover, he could not abide Columbus s demand for hereditary rule over lands he might discover The queen, his admirer, said nothing The meeting broke up and Columbus left, angry and disgusted All this time he had waited for the war to end Now that it had, Ferdinand was pleading poverty Pausing briefly in the corridor, he informed the king s treasurer that he was leaving for France where Bartholomew, his younger brother, was arranging an audience with the king If that monarch wasn t interested, he would cross the channel to meet with the English king He would not be denied his dream, one that, as Cervantes wrote of Don Quixote, He hugged and would not part with even if barefoot friars had begged him.Before Columbus rode past the gates of Santa Fe, the royal treasurer, Luis de Santangel, sought and was granted an audience with Queen Isabella The royal chronicler noted, Santangel appeared distressed as if a great misfortune had befallen him personally He had good reason Santangel was a secret Jew, and as a member of the royal court, he was aware his people were about to be expelled from Spain There were upward of a half million Jews in the country they had called home since the time of Christ Where would they go India China Perhaps the explorer Columbus would discover a new land somewhere Santangel and other secret Jews in the royal service hoped Columbus s voyage would provide an answer.The Inquisition mandated that Jews, under penalty of death, must either leave or convert to Catholicism Santangel, like many others, had converted and became a New Christian If discovered Judaizing, the converts were liable to be burned at the stake The Santangel family, long established in Spain, was among the first targets of the Inquisition Luis s cousins had gone up in flames in Saragossa, and only the intervention of Ferdinand had prevented Luis from suffering the same fate.Santangel addressed the queen He was astonished, he told her, to see Her Highness who has always shown such resolute spirit in matters of great consequence, should lack it now for an enterprise of so little risk for so vast a gain He spoke to the queen of the wealth to be acquired, and the great service she would render to God, all for the price of a few caravels ships Alluding to Columbus s plan to seek royal backing elsewhere, he cautioned Isabella, It would be a great damage to Her Crown and a grave reproach to Her Highness if any other prince should undertake what Columbus offered Her Highness If money was a consideration, Santangel said, he would be glad to finance the fleet himself.A mounted messenger caught up with Columbus as he was crossing the Bridge of the Pines, seven miles from Santa Fe, and bade him return Later that day, with all parties again gathered in the royal quarters, the king informed Columbus that the Crown would sponsor his Enterprise of the Indies, and meet his demands No mention was made of hereditary title Two months later, it was still a stumbling block in his negotiations when an event occurred that made its inclusion mandatory.On the morning of March 31, 1492, Columbus was in his room in Santa Fe overlooking the main square when the sound of trumpets brought him to his balcony Below, the town crier, flanked by mounted guards, read the expulsion order of the Inquisition Jews had four months to leave After that, any caught in Our domains will be punished without trial by death, and seizure of property The Jews of Spain had been threatened with expulsion before Rulers since the Visigoths had used this threat to extract money from them A period joke compared the Jews to a money box that you break open when you need money But this time it was different The Church was involved.To the Jews of the royal court who supported Columbus, the expulsion order made it essential that Columbus hold out for hereditary rule If no Asian kingdom welcomed Jewish refugees, Columbus, as the ruler of a new land, would be able to provide a haven for Spanish Jews.It is thought that Columbus himself was a descendant of Spanish Jews, the Colon family, who had converted and moved to Genoa a century before on the heels of the Massacre of 1391 Some even contend he was a Cabalist Whatever his genealogy, he was in sympathy with the People of the Book, and they with him In his early years, in Portugal and Spain, he lived in a largely Jewish and New Christian world of navigators, cartographers, astronomers, and mathematicians While others looked askance at this wandering sailor and laughed at his dream, Iberian Jews and conversos assisted Columbus in developing his Enterprise of the Indies In their learned circles, they dealt with a round world Church geography did not apply to them.On April 17, Columbus agreed to the Capitulations of Santa Fe, which limited his rights to lifetime rule Two weeks later, this ruling was reversed, and Columbus was granted hereditary rule No account exists of the final negotiations, but it is likely that court Jews, facing the forced exile of their people, counseled Columbus to hold firm to his demand One imagines a scene in the royal chambers with Santangel persuading the royals that the explorer s demand should not trouble them If his voyage were successful, Columbus and his crew of ninety men could not possibly subdue one of the powerful Asian nations On the other hand, if he took possession of a few islands along the way, the Crown would benefit by having way stations for Spain s trading ships plying the shortcut passage to the wealth of the East.Whether or not such a scene took place, Ferdinand finally relented Columbus would sail with his right to rule any new lands he discovered, to be enjoyed forever by his heirs and successors.After Columbus returned from his successful first voyage, he made three trips across the Western Sea He never reached Asia, and didn t live long enough to fulfill his pledge to Santangel and the court Jews to provide a homeland for converted Jews But it would be kept by his family in the new land the Crown did bequeath to Columbus s descendants, the island of Jamaica How this came about goes back to a promise he made to the teenage conversos who stood by him when he was marooned there.Returning from his fourth voyage to the New World, Columbus had been forced to beach his ships in Jamaica after sailing from Panama with a cache of gold objects bartered from the Indians His two ships were leaking badly Columbus hoped to reach Santo Domingo to obtain others to return to Spain But his worm eaten caravels, described by his son as full of holes than a bees honeycomb, barely made Jamaica With water rising in their holds, he ran them aground and lashed them together in a shallow, becalmed bay on the island s north coast, a cross bow s shot from land Atop his foredeck he fashioned a palm thatch hut to serve as his cabin.In his first letter to the queen, written soon after he arrived, he bragged that he had discovered the source of Solomon s gold in the mines of Panama, and claimed to have seen gold in a few days there than in all his previous trips His fourteen year old son Fernando, brought along as cabin boy, later recorded that his father had traded small bells and mirrors for sixty three gold pendants and other gold objects with the Veragua Indians of Panama.This was his second trip to Jamaica When he had discovered the island in 1494, he had named the half moon bay where he was now stranded Santa Gloria for the beauty of its glorious landscape After a year, he thought he might never leave Was this where his life was to end Uncertain of his future, he wrote his queen We have been confined 10 months, lodged on the decks of our ships My men have mutinied My brother, my son, and those that are faithful are sick, starving and dying Governor Ovando of Santo Domingo has sent to see if I am dead rather than to carry me back alive I conclude Your officers intend my life should terminate here.The object of his cynicism was the arrival the prT his entertaining and surprising book.is a wide raging saga filled with attractive and repellant personalities..Kritzler captures the spirit of that violent, lawless epoch and combines it with an interesting ethnic perspective Booklist A breezy historical tale Kritzler has a journalist s eye for detail, and his entertaining book will circulate well Library JournalKritzler s intellectual odyssey.shares various sagas of individual Jews who took to the sea as pirates, or masterminded the pirate operations from land.the material is so rich that the book is never boring San Francisco ChronicleIn recent years the study of Caribbean piracy has become an increasingly noteworthy field of endeavor, with new chapters opening constantly None will be quite so revelatory as Edward Kritzler s JEWISH PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, for in it he details the story of a small group of Jewish merchants and adventurers who pioneered in the Jamaican pirate trade, and helped to create an outpost of religious freedom at the same time A wonderful story, never before told Jack Davis, author of The Pirates Laffite Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean is a wonderfully informed book of maritime history Edward Kristler is a splendid guide on a voyage through a dark and fascinating era of Jewish history Jay Neugeboren, author of 1940, The Stolen Jew Pirate rabbis Warrior Jews Sephardic seafarers escaping the fires of Inquisition in quest of gold and freedom in the New World If, like mine, your knowledge of Europes fabled Age of Discovery hasnt featured these colorful and, as Edward Kritzlers diligent scholarship demonstrates, historically influential pioneers, then Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean presents a tale as essential as it is entertaining Robert H Patton, author of Patriot Pirates and The Pattons A Personal History of An American FamilyWhat a treasure Ed Kritzler has literally dived the depth of the Caribbean to bring us a well documented book on a hitherto forgotten role of Jews and their involvement in a most unusual occupation in the New World Piracy Bernard Diederich, author of Trujillo Death of a Goat Using a warm style, Kritzler helps us understand why the pirate era occurred and how the Jews fitted into Caribbean history at that time He also brings insights to little understood historical facts, such as what really happened to that famous boatload of Jewish refugees that sailed from Recife to New Amsterdam in 1654 why Jamaica became a haven for Jewish merchants and how this morphed into its development as a center of the pirate trade as well as the origin of the boucaniers, later known as buccaneers Andree Aelion Brooks, author of The Woman Who Defied Kings and Out of SpainEd Kritzler s book unlocks the long buried Jewish heritage of many famous pirates and their fascinating long forgotten empire building activities This book is a must read for pirate lovers and history buffs alike Gail Selinger, pirate historian and author of The Complete Idiot s Guide to PiratesEveryone is entitled to her own opinions on the matter but no one has given the subject of Jewish pirates love and attention than Ed Kritzler He is the aficionado of Jewish Pirates Gangway All Aboard Onto the gunwales We re off What wild adventure Rachel Frankel, author of Remnant Stones Famous Jewish Pirates Directory List of famous pirates Sinan, called The Great Jew Sinao o Judeo Ciphut Sinan from Smyrna In , the corsair destroyed most The Who Ruled Caribbean Mental Floss As European nations pushed westward in a mad dash for colonies th to centuries, became pirate s paradise Legendary sailors like Edward Blackbeard Teach and Jewish Kindle Edition edition by Kritzler Download it once read on your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Little Known Facts about aish It not joke Turns out, some well known respected buccaneers previous centuries were Jews These captains dreaded popular imagination many worked employ Britain, Netherlands, other maritime powers, 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